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Did you miss the Expert Challenge, Unfold Event or Autodesk at GDC 2013? Don’t worry; we’ve got all the presentations below for you to enjoy on-demand!
See, on demand, how Autodesk game development and 3D animation software can help you push boundaries in console, mobile, social and casual game development.
GDC 2013 Showreel
March 26, 2013
3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, MotionBuilder, Mudbox, Scaleform
Motion Capture Unplugged
Total Freedom with Xsens Motion Capture Technology
Autodesk Scaleform for mobile game development
Ankur Mohan, Autodesk Product Manager, talks about the newest version of Autodesk Scaleform for Mobile Platforms. Scaleform now has a pre-integrated Unity plugin and can also be used as a complete 2D runtime solution for Flash-based games. Ankur also talks about making the product more accessible through extensive documentation and the inclusion of a sample game, Starforce Battlement.
Atomic Fiction and ZYNC - Cloud rendering for small studios
An interview with Ryan Tudhope from Atomic Fiction, and Todd Prives from, who discuss how small studios can leverage cloud services to reduce the need to invest large amounts of money creating their own hardware infrastructure.
Judd Simantov and Rich Diamant Found Game Character Academy for 3D Artists
An interview with Judd Simantov and Rich Diamant, Co- Founders of the Game Character Academy, an online school focused on teaching Character Art and Character Rigging/Technical Art. The focus of their school is not only on bridging the gap between a traditional school curriculum and a career in 3D animation, but also to help professional artists discover and develop new techniques to
Judd Simantov on evoking emotional responses in gamers An interview with Judd Simantov, Co-Founder of Game Character Academy, who discusses the importance of creating game characters that provoke an emotional response in players, and gives a brief preview of his GDC presentation about his work on The Last of Us at the Autodesk booth.
Building cloud-rendered mobile games using Autodesk Maya and Softimage
President at Go Time Games, has many years of experience making games from both a development and artistic technology perspective. He discusses how his company is developing new technology to facilitate server-side rendering in order to provide a better graphical experience to players who have devices with limited hardware capabilities.
Phyken Media's Wizard Ops Tactics created using Autodesk Maya
We interview Kunal Patel, CEO & Co-Founder, and Casey Jo Boehm, Lead 3D animator, from Phyken Media. They discuss the hurdles and benefits of being a small studio, and share some insight on the tools and technology they used to make their latest game, Wizard Ops Tactics. Tactics is a competitive turn-based strategy game for mobile devices that features cross-device play.
David Yee from Zynga talks about creating FarmVille 2 using Autodesk 3ds Max
David Yee, Director of Development at Zynga, discusses his role in the development of Farmville 2, including the rationale behind moving to a 3D game world to create a richer player experience and a more vibrant game environment.