Couldn't make it to Anaheim, CA? Starting July 25, 2013 you'll be able to watch on demand presentations recorded at the Autodesk User Event hosted on July 23, 2013.

You can also view presentations held in some of our partners' booths, interviews from the show floor, and enjoy MasterClasses.

July 23, 2013


Advanced mParticles and Data Manipulation
Retopology workflow in 3ds Max - the how and why
3dsmax Cloth FX
Pixomondo: VFX for Star Trek Into Darkness using 3dsMax
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - From Previs to Pitchvis
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - Skrillex Cell - Corey Johnson
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - From Reality to Unity
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - Duncan's Corner
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - OpenSubdiv Bill Polson
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - Xbox One Game Development
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - Behind the curtain of RD
Autodesk Anaheim User Event 2013 - Opening Chris Bradshaw

Meet The Third Floor's Chris Edwards talking about "pitch-vis"
FusionIO: massive bandwidth for ultimate interactivity
Wacom Cintiq 22HD Touch Seamless artistic interaction
NVidia's Quadro K6000: Taking workstation graphics to the next level
Faceshift: Markerless Motion Capture
Meet Thinkbox Software Power tools for VFX
Meet Pixar's Bill Polson: development of Open Subdiv.
Meet Habib Zargarpour - Microsoft Studios game development for Xbox One
Autodesk's Marc Stevens describes the line-up at the Autodesk Anaheim 2013 User Group.
Meet Crytek's Christopher Evans - developing RYSE for the XBox One

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Autodesk Partners

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Peter Muyzers
Short Bio

Visual Effects Supervisor & Partner at Image Engine presenting Elysium

Peter Muyzers drives the development of creative and technical achievement at Image Engine. Muyzers began his career as a 3D artist working in television commercials and identifications in 1995, with experience also including large format Motion Ride and IMAX 2D and Stereoscopic films.

He has since worked at The Moving Picture Company, UK as Computer Graphics Supervisor where he played a key part in building the visual effects pipeline for the MPC film division. His credits from this time encompass a variety of high profile feature films including Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, the first three Harry Potter films and Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Since joining Image Engine in 2006, Muyzers has led the development of Image Engine's robust film visual effects pipeline and assembled its highly regarded visual effects R&D department. This technical and creative development has been instrumental to the success of District 9 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, where Muyzers also played a key role as Digital Production Supervisor. For his work on District 9, Muyzers was honored with nominations for the Academy Award®, the BAFTA, and the Visual Effects Society Award. Most recently, Peter has re-teamed with Director Neill Blomkamp for his upcoming film, Elysium (Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2013) as the production's overall Visual Effects Supervisor.


Bill Polson
Short Bio

He is responsible for Pixar's relationships with the graphics community, including software vendors and other studios. He is active in promoting industry standards and in guiding various software vendors' roadmaps. He is also active in SIGGRAPH, and serves as a Director on both the 2010 and 2011 committees, and is the founder of the new program SIGGRAPH Dailies!

Bill has had numerous roles in 14 years at Pixar, including :

- Three years as Director of Pipeline and Lead of Production Engineering, responsible for the overall strategic plan for for the filmmaking pipeline.

- Six years as Supervising Technical Director of Short Films. In this role he was responsible for the technical plan for all short films, and directly supervised all technical work, including modeling and shading for both sets and characters, cinematography, special effects, lighting, rendering, and compositing. Bill supervised this work on seven short films -- including the Oscar nominees Mike's New Car, Boundin, One Man Band, and Lifted -- as well as more than a dozen commercials, Disney theme park rides, and other short subjects.

- Two years as Supervising TD for Pixar University, where he developed curriculum and trained newly hired Pixar TDs. Over a two year period more than 100 TDs went through Bill's 10 week, full time, hands-on class.

Bill joined Pixar in 1996. He worked on A Bug's Life (effects, shading, lighting), For The Birds (character rigging), and Toy Story 2 (effects) before moving on to various leadership roles. Prior to joining Pixar, Bill worked as an independent software engineer in the graphics industry.

Bill has a BS in Applied Physics from Caltech, and continues to do independent research into the dusty corners of Classical Physics. He tries to keep up with his daughters in swimming, skiing, soccer, and guitar, with less success each year.

Habib Zargarpour
Short Bio
Creative Director, Microsoft Core Pub. at Microsoft Studios

Habib is a Creative Director at Microsoft Studios since 2010. He has over 12 years of experience in visual effects for film and 10 years in the games industry. Nominated for two Academy Awards and winner of two BAFTAs in Visual Effects for his work on Twister and The Perfect Storm while at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), his other film projects include 2 Star Trek films, Spawn, Star Wars Episode I, The Bourne Identity, and Signs.

Habib served as a Senior Art Director at Electronic Arts (EA) from 2002 – 2009 where he worked on Need for Speed Underground, 007 Bond Everything or Nothing, and Need for Speed Most Wanted which received a Visual Effects Society (VES) Award in 2006. Zargarpour combines his film and game experience to develop transmedia projects and discover new ways of storytelling using film and game technologies. He is an active member of AMPAS, BAFTA, and a founding member of the Visual Effects Society and the 5D-Conference. Habib's passion is combining his experience in film and games on transmedia projects and cross-pollinate both industries with best practices of each.

Jeremy Hunt
Short Bio
Owner of Screaming Death Monkey Special FX
Jeremy Hunt is an Emmy nominated visual effects artist and sometimes director with credits spanning 17 years. Jeremy is probably best known as the co-creator of "405," widely credited as the internet's first viral video. He is also the Director and Special Effects Lead for fIX IT IN POST.
Vico Sharabani
Short Bio
Formerly a partner at rhinofx for 12 years, Vico's portfolio includes commercials for Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Mercedes, and AT&T, music-videos for Coldplay/Rihanna, KanYe West, and work for Sex & The City to name a few projects. Autodesk describes Vico as 'legendary' for his Flame work. Servicing the advertising and entertainment industries for over 23 years, Vico is involved in the project management across Creative, Production, and Technical endeavors. He is also involved with the TEDcommunity 'Ads Worth Spreading' and TEDxEast.
Christopher Evans
Short Bio

Art Technical Director at Crytek presenting Ryse: Son of Rome on Xbox One.

Christopher Evans is the Art Technical Director at Crytek's Frankfurt studio, where he is responsible for art and animation technology and pipeline. Chris's passion for characters and rigging led him to the position of Lead Technical Artist on Crysis and later to Industrial Light + Magic, where he was a Creature Technical Director on multiple films including James Cameron's Avatar. Rejoining Crytek, he has focused on pushing the limits of real-time technology, most recently on the upcoming Xbox One title Ryse.



Colin Renshaw
Short Bio
VFX Supervisor
Flame artist and VFX Supervisor, Colin Renshaw cofounded Alt so he could indulge his ego and maniacal obsession with making cool work.
Jon Landau
Short Bio
Producer/COO/Partner at Lightstorm Entertainment presenting on The latest in Virtual Production

Academy Award- and two-time Golden Globe-winning producer Jon Landau has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to oversee and deliver major motion pictures. He currently holds the distinction of having produced the two highest grossing movies of all-time, Avatar and Titanic. The combination of Landau's thorough understanding of the most complex state-of-the-art visual effects technologies, his experience working hand-in-hand with the highest caliber of creative talent, and his ability to motivate people have all enabled him to play a significant role in numerous major motion pictures.

In addition to Avatar and Titanic, Landau produced Steven Soderbergh's Solaris; he also co-produced, under his and James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment banner, Warren Beatty's Dick Tracy and the family comedy hit Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Throughout the early '90s, Landau was Executive Vice President of Feature Film Production at Twentieth Century Fox where he supervised production on all major motion pictures, including Die Hard 2, Mrs. Doubtfire, True Lies, Power Rangers, Aliens 3, Last of the Mohicans, and many more.

Landau has been a speaker both domestically and internationally at educational institutions and companies and organizations such as Microsoft, Adobe, Chief Marketing Officers' Association, Young Presidents Organization, Autodesk, Symantec, Bank of America, Cisco, University of Southern California, Loyola University, and Mofilm. In his engaging presentations, he not only shares insight into the film industry (and his experiences working with director James Cameron), but also discusses the broader perspective of business management, innovative marketing, and motivational philosophies, encouraging audiences to be leaders – not just in their careers, but in their lives as well.

Chris Edwards
Short Bio

After 5 years as a Layout Artist and Character Animator at Walt Disney Feature Animation, Chris joined a team of digital artists at Lucasfilmtasked with previsualizing Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, from the “third floor” of George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch mansion.  In October 2004, Edwards spearheaded the creation of THE THIRD FLOOR Inc, an industry leading previs company based in Los Angeles.
As CEO and Creative Director, Edwards has helped design many feature films, commercials, and video game cinematics.  Theatrical credits include Avatar, Alice in Wonderland, War Horse, Iron Man 2, Thor & The Avengers.  Cinematic credits include Resident Evil 5, Lost Planet 2 and several Command & Conquer titles. Chris Edwards has founded a branch of THE THIRD FLOOR in London and he is one of the founders of the Previsualization Society, an international non-profit dedicated to furthering the artform of previs.


Urs Furrer
Short Bio
Flame Artist
Internationally awarded Flame artist Urs Furrer likes creative collaboration, learning new tricks, figuring out that it can be done and takes his coffee without sugar.