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Autodesk Beast 2012

Developers can aesthetically enhance their game with Autodesk® Beast 2012 global illumination (GI) middleware. Teams using Beast game lighting technology can avoid complicated and time-consuming lighting setups and take advantage of a pre-computed GI solution, minimizing runtime cost.

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What's New in Beast 2012

New features in Beast 2012 include:

  • Pre-Computed, High Quality Global Illumination: Beast is used to bake GI lighting to light maps, shadow maps and point clouds. Beast simulates natural lighting effects such as color bounce, colored shadows, soft shadows and high dynamic range lighting. Beast is optimized for baking and produces high quality results with minimal time and effort.
  • Global Illumination for Dynamic Objects and Characters: Beast can also be used to bake GI data to point clouds. This data can then be used in the game engine as a 'light field' which provides global illumination lighting for moving objects such as characters.
  • Interactive Previews: eRnsT is a tool for interactively visualizing game lighting. Using eRnsT, artists can make changes and immediately see how lighting affects a game level without performing a full, expensive render. New in Beast 2012, the Beast API enables developers to integrate eRnsT into custom game level editors. eRnsT can also utilize multiple computers to accelerate interactive preview rendering.
  • Distributed Rendering: Included in the Beast toolset is DistriBeast, a tool for managing multiple Beast render nodes on a network. DistriBeast enables game teams to better utilize computing power, accelerating render times.
  • Clear, Easy to Integrate API: The Beast API is designed to make integration with a game engine simple. The API is delivered as a set of C header files with a library file and DLL. Clear documentation and example programs provide a good starting point for developers new to Beast.
  • Integration with Unreal® Engine 3: Beast comes with integration for Unreal Engine 3, making it simple for game teams utilizing Unreal Engine to get up and running with Beast.
  • Mature, Proven Toolset: Beast has been successfully integrated on numerous triple A game productions, demonstrating this is a mature toolset that is stable and well supported.

You can find complete product information on www.autodesk.com/beast.