Showcase 2011 released

Posted by Alex Fuchs, 14 April 2010 12:00 am

Autodesk Showcase 2011 released

As you may have heard we just released the 2011 version of Autodesk Showcase. This new version of Showcase comes with a lot of new and cool features that help you to communicate your design and tell the story of your models in 3D.



New features

This new version of Showcase introduces:

• Storyboard timing
• Movie creation from Storyboards
• Cross-section tool
• Patch level access
• Bloom effect
• Ambient shadows textures on polygons with UVs
• Enhanced Autodesk® Inventor ® software interoperability
• New Environment handling
• Environment classes with a new UI
• In-scene environments
• New 3D environments
• New tessellation settings and enhanced LOD handling
• New Orbit shot
• New camera properties window

Bloom feature in Autodesk Showcase 2011

Cross-sections in Autodesk Showcase 2011

some new 2011 environments

For those that have not received the 2010R1 subscription release, these features may also be new for

• Keyframe Animation and Triggers
• Meassured Paint materials with X-rites MA98 measuring device for Professional users
• Support of raytracing clusters for Professional users
• Native 64 bit support

More graphics cards supported

We also certified a couple of new ATI graphics cards. Here you can find our system requirements:

Try it

On the same page you now find a 30 day trial that had been added to the software.that Now you can easily try it out after the download. After 30 days, the software still works as a viewer for scenes that had been created with a regular Showcase version

Learning Showcase

To make it easier for you to try out the software, new learning videos are available that support you to find your way into Showcase FASTER and EASIER.
Follow the learning path in Showcase, and you are able to master Showcase after a couple of hours..

API documentation

We also put a lot of effort into our API documentation and we see a lot of interest of third party developers to enhance the Showcase functionality. Therefore Showcase is now also on ADN (Autodesk Developer Network), so that third party development is made easy for those interested in adding functionality to Showcase.

New add-on for complex variants

Wait for my next blog, I will introduce a very nice add-on to Showcase called LumoLogic. If you are interested in complex variant management and kiosk applications, here is the link in advance:





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