Flare 2011 - You love Flame, you're going to really love Flare!

Posted by Bill Ennis, 19 May 2010 8:00 pm

The key with Flare is Flexibility. Flare makes your investment in Flame more valuable by giving Flame owners new ways to deploy Flame's great tool set. Flare can work Side by Side with a Flame on the same project OR it can be used Stand Alone to take on more jobs and increase the capacity of your facility. Flare works with a Floating License so you can move it around to different machines AND you can even run Flare on a Laptop so you can essentially bring Flame's powerful tools with you On-Set to a shoot! 

In this demonstration you'll see Flare working side by side with Flame and Maya on a commercial that was done in Hollywood at CBS Digital Inertia for Prada.  We cover the Ease of Designing in 3D Space, integratiing complex 3D geometry (through the FBX format) directly into composites with 2D greenscreen elements, and the use of Texture Projections.   We look at the new Pixel Shader Architecture in Action and the advantages of working with the photo-realistic Substance Texture Maps.  The 100% Compatible Workflow between Flare and Flame is emphasized and the benifits of combining these great softwares to increase the capacity of your facility is highlighted.

See why Flame owners are saying that adding Flare to your Flame is a "no brainer"!

I hope you enjoy this presentation from NAB 2010!



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