NAB 2010 Highlights

Posted by Bill Ennis, 26 April 2010 8:00 pm

Hello Flame World!

I know it's sometimes difficult to find the great content on The Area so I thought I would start linking you all to my favorite demos from the show.  I wanted to start with the "3D VFX for Television" demo which highlights Flame working with Maya and Flare on some commercials we got from the guys at The Mill in London and New York.  Thanks a lot to the Mill for helping us out, you guys Rock!! 

FBX Camera exchange with Maya, Multi-Channel OpenEXR drag and drop import through the Network Gateway Library, Multiple Outputs from Action, Normal Map Relighting, Motion Vector Pass Metadata accessed through the 3D Blur tool, FBX model import from XSI, Projection Mapping, Master Keyer greenscreen keying, and turning Mono scenes into Stereo just by adding in the new FBX Camera that is available directly in Action!!

Can you imagine this can all be done in only 1/2 hour!?!  Put your seat belt on and check out this really fun demo that I did with my infamous supporting cast of characters, Toba-san and Daryl Obert.




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