NAB 2011 Flame Premium "Total Control in Finishing"

Posted by Bill Ennis, 29 April 2011 8:00 pm

Hello Flame Premium World!

With the convergence of Grading, Finishing and Creative Tools in Flame Premium 2012, and the fact that Finishing Artists now have access to more 3D data deeper into the post production process, Flame Premium allows for more sophisticated Look Development by taking Total Control over Light and Atmosphere in 3D space.

Highlights in this presentation include:

• The ‘Relighting package’ of tools such as Volumetric Light Rays, Lens Flares and 3D Cast Shadows - integrated directly into Action’s 3D Compositing Environment
• The re-imagined Gmask core compositing tool with planar Shape Tracking in Action
• Matte containers within Multi-Layer Timelines shared between Grading, VFX and Timeline
• The redesigned ‘Analyzer’ Camera tracking system - which works for both mono and stereoscopic scenes
• Powerful ways of working with Multi-Channel OpenEXR sources and FBX geometries

In Flame Premium, Total Control in Finishing means Flame Artists now have Real-Time Color Grading as part of their toolset. For Colorists, it’s all about having control over Light in 3D Space. And for Smoke Editors, you get all of the creative tools of Flame you’ve always wanted but with the Timeline workflow you know and love.

I hope you enjoy the presentation,






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