Exposing Plug-ins to MAXScript while Hidden from the 3ds Max User Interface

Posted by Christopher Diggins, 30 November 2009 6:56 pm

If you have a plug-in which you don’t want exposed to the 3ds Max user interface you can return “FALSE” (or 0) from the “IsPublic()” exported DLL function. This has the sometimes undesirable side-effect that MAXScript can’t create the object.

To explicitly expose the hidden class to MAXScript you can use the MAXClass macro. For example adding the following line to a modifier plug-in project named DeleteSplineModifier would expose it to MAXScript even if it IsPublic() returns FALSE:

 MAXClass delete_spline (
    Class_ID(SDELETE_CLASS_ID, 0),


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Chris Johnson

Posted 3 April 2010 7:57 am

You should probably provide a little more context as to where you find this macro:

this class... MAXClass is not a macro, but a class definition found in:


(using the new file name... sorry but I'm not looking up the old file name in pre Max 2012 SDK's)

And that class takes a variable arguments constructor... *Hideous*. So you better know what you are doing when using it, cause those things are notoriously difficult to debug.

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