MAXScript - Mouse Tools for Vertex Weighting during Skinning

Posted by Christopher Diggins, 2 November 2012 7:01 pm

My colleague Amer Yassine recently finished posted his amazing 40 video tutorial on skinning and rigging for games on the 3ds Max learning channel on YouTube. The process of adjusting vertex weights during skinning is very repetitive so he asked me to help him come up with a MAXScript tool to help ease the process. MAXScript mouse tools are explained here in the MAXScript documentation.

macroScript QuickSkinVertexWeight category:"Custom Skin Tools"
tooltip:"Quick Vertex Weight Tool"
    tool AssignSkinVertexWeightTool
        local original
        fn setweight wt = (
            if (wt < 0) then wt = 0
            if (wt > 1.0) then wt = 1.0
            skinOps.setWeight $.modifiers[#Skin] wt
            $.modifiers[#Skin].effect = wt
        on mousePoint clickno do (            
            if clickno > 1 then return #stop     
            original = $.modifiers[#Skin].effect
        on mouseAbort clickno do (
            setweight original
        on mouseMove clickno do (
            newval = (original + (gridDist.x  * 0.01))
            setweight newval
    startTool AssignSkinVertexWeightTool prompt:"Set Vertex Weight"

Here is the video where Amer first introduces the tool and explains how it works, enjoy!



Posted 2 November 2012 7:24 pm

video doesn't work

Christopher Diggins

Posted 2 November 2012 7:39 pm

@Vlix Thanks! I'v fixed it.


Posted 3 November 2012 11:00 am

Hi, I watched the tutorials on YouTube. Great video tutorials by Amer Yassine, and great script by you. Thank you so much, this really helped me a lot in my work. Usually I use Maya, but in my work place I have to use 3ds Max. I hope someday YouTube Maya How To will also upload comprehensive rigging tutorial like this. Could you please convert the Quick Skin Vertex Weight script to be used in Maya? If it is possible....

Christopher Diggins

Posted 3 November 2012 1:48 pm

@gotanidea Thanks for the positive feedback. To be fair Amer wrote most of the script himself, based on a template I provided him! I've passed the suggestion along to the Maya learning channel team.

Randall Hess

Posted 15 November 2012 3:12 pm

I've been using a similar script that has been out there for over a year. The best script for quick skinning.

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