SIGGRAPH 2012 Cometh. What do YOU want to see?

Posted by chrismmurray, 9 July 2012 2:40 pm

I love this time of year and I hate this time of year. 

I love this time of year because SIGGRAPH is almost here. I know I will see many friends I haven't seen since last year, I know I will hit Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles on Gower in Hollywood. I know I will get my son the latest Pixar movie poster (i've given up on the teapot. I have a life).

I hate this time of year becasue there is never enough time. I'm working on some cool demo content this year and its been six months in the making. We have original content that we shot specfically for MAB and SIGGPRAPH. Its going to be really fun. Here's some images from the shoot.

But I never have enough time to do everything I want. I know SIGGRAPH is no surprise but there are things I can't write here that put constraints on what and how long I have to show or talk about stuff. 

But you have a say too! I will be doing an "Area Community Presentation" again this year and I would like to hear from YOU about what kinds of thisn YOU would like to see. I can do anything I want... training... tips and tricks... what ever. But I want to see what kind of things you would like to know about. Maybe I will add them to my presentation!

I'm figuring out what this presentation will be right now... so if you want to see something specific... TELL ME NOW. even if you aren't attending SIGGRAPH, I will most likely post a video of it... so don't hold back. Post your wish list items here on this Blog post.

In the mean time, here are some behind the scenes pics of your production shoot for this year's demo content. Big UPS to my friends at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida for having me over for the geek fest. Check them out. (Full Sail University)

We cast Ginger Leigh as the Heroine of our show. 

Smoke Artist Ken Larue and Softimage AE Mark Schoennagal keeping the PA's busy with food runs.

Your's truly shooting on the cyc. The day 2 shoot was out on Full Sail's back lot.


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