Update on the Maya Feedback Voting Site

Posted by Cory Mogk, 8 December 2012 8:43 pm

Our two highest ranked items on the feedback site were for mental ray and modeling improvements. There were a lot of different items rolled up in those two so we have opened specific items to cover each idea and have closed the big topics. If you have put votes in on those big topics, please take them back and apply them to more specific requests.

Something else we've been doing is inviting some of the people who've participated on the User Voice site into a more intimate forum for deeper discussions. We've noticed that not everyone has supplied their email address - if you do, there's a better chance you get into the deeper discussions.

If you haven't been to the Maya Feedback site, please head over and vote on the important stuff or enter new things that aren't there.



Posted 12 December 2012 3:25 am

I just wanted to say thank you for setting up these two sites for tracking and addressing users concerns. I know I have been critical of Maya on these forms and others but this format you have set up is giving me hope that one of my favorite apps will get the love and attention it deserves. It also gives me perspective on what the community as a whole is concerned with most. So there may be a case where my top choice isn't addressed but I can have a clear understanding of why the decision was made to fix what.

Now about these forums, could you please make these forums browsable without having to sign up for an account? I would really like to see more discussions happening around here, I know I was reluctant to sign up for quite some time, and I have a feeling it might be as quite as it is because you have to join to even see what people are talking about.

I would put that in the small annoying things...but I'm not sure if that would be the right place to voice this concern!

Thanks for listening!

Gabriel Gazzan

Posted 12 December 2012 9:35 pm

It´s good to have a place for expressing frustration , but I really hope we have raised to your attention what we really care about as Maya users.
Keep that path!
We´re here to help.

Cory Mogk

Posted 19 December 2012 3:31 am

We appreciate the feedback and are taking it seriously - keep it coming


Posted 30 March 2013 11:12 pm

Softimmage users would welcome a feedback site of this kind with very open arms. I wish it existed.

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