3D World: Sculpt and Paint with Mudbox

Posted by Craig Barr, 22 March 2011 8:00 pm

3D World Magazine Issue 141 (April issue with Rango on the cover) features Create a tree troll in Mudbox. The focus is primarily a sculpting and painting workflow within Mudbox, but other areas covered include the use of vector displacement for sculpting, some posing, and rendering passes within Mudbox. There are 21 videos that accompany the article in the issue available for viewing on the 3DWorld Channel on Youtube. Also available are 4 bonus videos on the same channel.

This is my first article with 3D World....hope you enjoy it!

The current issue is available now across the globe!

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Posted 23 March 2011 9:13 pm

i guess i have a reason to get this copy


Posted 28 March 2011 11:23 pm


Thank you for all the valuable information.

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