Autodesk launches Mudbox 2010

Posted by skycastleMud, 3 August 2009 4:54 pm

About the new Mudbox 2010 

The feature highlights of this release are:
- FBX support: import and export meshes, object names, cameras, texture maps, shader settings with 3ds Max, Maya and Softimage
- PSD file support: If you need to create detailed graphics or geographic patterns (such as numbers, letters on a shirt, decals on a car), you can now transfer your Mudbox paint layers in Photoshop for image editing or color correction, and export them back as stencils in Mudbox to project them on your 3D model.
- Render from viewport: you can now render high resolution images directly from the viewport for presentation.
- New viewport filters: preview the appearance of your model when rendered in another application using the non-photorealistic render filter, the normal map filter, and other new filters.
- New brushes: Try the Clone brush, Dry brush and improved Wax brush
- SDK: customize Mudbox using the new C++ application programming interface (API) to integrate it into your pipelines. 
See demo videos here:


The Clone brush allows you to quickly fix seams on textures from external applications.

Example Tree textured and displayed in the Mudbox viewport

“Create in context” to detail created for displacement or normal maps. In the example above, we quickly created sculpted 1.8 million quad poly mesh & 4096x1096 painted diffuse color texture. You can then export textures to Maya or 3ds Max for final rendering.

3d paint

Paint, project Photos or Clone in 3d with multiple objects and across compex UV layouts & multiple texture maps using simple brush srokes. Just choose a brush and click your mesh to begin painting.

Project images using Stencils

Project images as a Stencil

Quickly position and brush on Stencil decals with transparency included. Project any paint onto both sides of the mesh at once, saving you time.

Autodesk anticipates that Mudbox 2010 will be available in August 2009. The 32-bit version of Mudbox 2010 will be supported on the Windows Vista Business (SP1), Windows XP Professional (SP2) and Apple Mac OS X 10.5.7 operating systems. The 64-bit version of Mudbox 2010 will be supported on the Windows Vista Business (SP1) and Windows XP x64 Edition (SP2) operating systems.

More info on :

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Posted 3 August 2009 6:38 pm

Cool Wayne Robson has posted some plugin preview videos

Mudbox to other apps: Mudwalker

Mudbox to AfterFX: ReLight

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