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Posted by Craig Barr, 28 August 2012 5:46 am

Mudbox:  "Small Annoying Things" and "Ideas" sites!

These forums are about 2 things: 

1) "Small Anoying Things" - all the little annoying quirks and problems in Mudbox that drive you nuts, and...
2) "Ideas for Mudbox" - For issues that are bigger that you think will improve things, as well as, for specific feature requests, then use this forum.

The purpose of these forums are to understand which ideas and issues matter most to the people who use the software. For the Small Annoying Things forum, we particularly want to identify issues that bother you that we can fix more easily.  However, Autodesk cannot commit to completing any ideas in this forum -- even those marked under review.  We combine information from this forum with other factors like product strategy, market focus, planned areas of innovation, and input from leading-edge customers to determine product functionality.

Add your vote to any idea if you also think this is an annoying behavior that needs to be fixed.


- Each user has 20 votes for each forum
- Each idea can have no more than 3 votes by a single user
- If you enter an idea, it will cost you 1 vote – therefore try to make sure the idea doesn’t already exist
- The more precise and detailed a description you give, the more likely your idea will rise higher in the list
- When an idea is implemented, votes are returned to all the users that voted
- User can change their votes at any time
- Admins can move, edit and delete ideas as they see fit to better meet the goals of the forum
- We will flag ideas that are getting our attention as “under review”. Because of limits on what we can say publicly, that is as far as we can go with commenting on a particular idea. If it is “under review” it simply means we’re studying it for possible implementation or gathering data, but there is no commitment to do it.
Please treat this as an experiment in working with the community. Even if Uservoice is not the final home for this, we’ll do our best to export all the ideas to whatever future system might take its place. Your voice will persist.


Note: It’s important to realize that these lists are simply raising the quality of the feedback we get from the community. They are not a replacement for how we define the features for any given release. They are valuable input, but beta input, product strategy, focus, innovation and other factors are also important aspects we consider.


Please continue to report them here:

Find more info via the FAQ

Of course, these forums also exist for other products!


Small Annoying Things

Ideas for Maya


Small Annoying Things

In progress, for updates/info, see Graham's blog here:

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