Mudbox 2011 Service Pack 1 now available!

Posted by Craig Barr, 19 May 2010 5:51 pm

Autodesk Mudbox 2011 Service Pack 1 addresses stability issues and includes fixes across several functional areas including Posing and FBX file operations.

Mudbox 2011 Service Pack 1 fixes the following issues:


Posing fixes

* Deleting skeletons in the Object List is now possible. (Right-click and select Delete Object.)
* Adding objects to an imported skeleton by painting weights is now possible
* Weights not propagating properly on subdivision
* Shadows and ambient occlusion display not updating when posing
* Various interaction issues when selecting and posing joints
* Imported n-sided or triangle meshes with bones cannot be posed when subdivided

FBX fixes

* Instances cause import error
* Textures display incorrectly in imported FBX files with different paint layer sizes
* Camera FOV and camera names from 3ds Max not importing correctly
* Crash on Mac OS X when importing malformed skeletons from 3ds Max

Stencil fixes

* Dry brush with stencil on not working correctly
* Painting using stencil crashes if stencil is 24bit/pixel .tga
* Stencil image should display full color only when the Projection brush is active, black and white when other tools are selected.

Edge Bleed fixes

* If a normal map is extracted using the Subdivision method, the resulting map does not have edge bleed
* Edge Bleed option in Preferences > Paint not working for ambient occlusion maps

User interface fixes

* 3ds Max hotkey settings are incorrect
* Brush resize down/up hotkeys not working on values larger than 100
* Shift hotkey not working for temporary weight painting smooth

Other fixes

* Flatten to UV space using mesh with no UVs causes crash
* Error using Eyedropper to pick color on mesh with no UVs. Mudbox now creates UVs automatically.
* Incorrect GPU RAM detection causing many warnings to pop up. See Environment variables for updated information.
* Depending on the shadow Depth Map Resolution and the size of the movie, shadows do not render correctly in turntable movies




Posted 19 May 2010 7:10 pm



Posted 21 May 2010 6:32 am

I'm not sure.
Do you need to uninstall MB 2011 and reinstall the new MB 2011 SP1?

Craig Barr

Posted 21 May 2010 1:23 pm

Yes - uninstall Mudbox 2011 and install Mudbox 2011 SP1. I'd also recommend deleting your prefs folder in:
C:\Users\Name\Documents\Mudbox before installing SP1 (backup any custom tools, presets, etc you have in there before hand!).

Matt Dragovits

Posted 7 July 2010 6:40 pm

I installed the SP, but when I launch the program is still just says. Mudbox 2011 X 64. Should it have the initials SP1 after that, or should I just assume it installed properly?

Matt Dragovits

Posted 7 July 2010 7:53 pm

Yes, I uninstalled the previous version and deleted the prefs. When I install it keeps installing the same version I had before. The download file says it's SP1, but once you start the installation it doesn't say anything about it being a service pack. When all is said and done, it is the exact same install as my previous one. Can you please check that the installer for the Win 64 bit is the service pack?

Matt Dragovits

Posted 7 July 2010 7:57 pm

Scratch my last comment. It was showing it as straight 64 bit in my program window, but once it launched it now shows the service pack naming convention in the header. Thanks.


Posted 17 July 2010 8:18 am

Hi. Sorry for the O/T question, but where is the best place to ask a question about the Mudbox SDK?

My question is how to trap events or communicate outside the Mudbox application (like with the Windows API) from a plug-in? If someone can answer where I can look to find the answer, I'm happy to research it from there. But so far, all I can see from the documentation is that Mudbox plug-ins developed from the SDK can only interact with what's within the Mudbox application.

Thanks in advance.


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