Mudbox Challenge - Armed and Dangerous!

Posted by Craig Barr, 25 January 2012 7:00 pm

We've teamed up with CGSociety to build a pretty cool Mudbox Challenge:   ARMED AND DANGEROUS!    


Click on the image below to go to the Contest Site and get started!




This is a Mudbox challenge, so you must use Mudbox to sculpt and detail your character's mesh, and use Mudbox's painting features to texture your character. You may use any software you like to create the base mesh, and any 2D software (ex: Adobe Photoshop) for finishing touches and backgrounds. Please disclose in your work-in-progress uploads what software you are using for each step!

If you don't have Mudbox, you can download a special FREE trial that will not expire until the end of the event! To activate the special FREE trial, use the serial numbers here. Never used Mudbox before? What better opportunity than an international competition with superstar judges and thousands of eyes on your work to master this masterpiece technology.

Final beauty render - fully posed and painted character
Model sheet - showing front, back, side and 3/4 view of your final modeled and painted character
At least 1 WIP of character being sculpted in Mudbox
At least 1 WIP of character being painted in Mudbox

And if you want to work on your Mudbox skills before you submit your entry, CGWorkshops offers you the perfect opportunity. Sony Santa Monica's Young Choi has developed a 3-week online mentored Mudbox workshop: "Sculpting and Texturing in Mudbox" as a companion to the Challenge. It starts on Feb 20th, and enrollments are open now. Click here for details. Please remember that although Young will give you some amazing help and advice on how best to work with Mudbox, he cannot help or advise you specifically on your competition entry.



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