SIGGRAPH 2012 - Los Angeles: Mudbox Demo and Notes

Posted by Craig Barr, 15 August 2012 3:05 pm

SIGGRAPH 2012: Los Angeles

Well, yet another SIGGRAPH has come and gone.   Like every year, it was busy as hell, yet it was a good show!  Mudbox absorbed most of my time in-and-around SIGGRAPH and I had the opportunity to work with the Wacom guys at their booth showing the Mudbox Multi-Touch Tech Preview on their Cintiq Touch 24HD.  I was also at the 2012 HP and NVIDIA Production Advisory Council working with more Multi-Touch Mudbox on some new technology with people from all over the industry.   The "Infuse Your Own Tequila Bar" was a nice break!   The Autodesk booth featured many customer stories and the use of Mudbox in their daily pipelines.    Be sure to check out my blog post PIXAR: OpenSubdiv with Mudbox and Maya on the very cool OpenSubdiv project by the guys at Pixar using Mudbox and previewing the high-res ToadKing model in Maya Viewport 2.0 with deformation!

Pixar's Manuel Kraemer presenting the OpenSubdiv project:

Pixar's Manuel Kraemer presenting OpenSubdiv with Maya and Mudbox

A Mudbox discussion with Daniel Simon

While showing some Mudbox and Maya workflows at the BOXX booth on some insanely powerful hardware, I had the chance to meet Daniel Simon and discuss some of his design workflows.   We had a very cool discussion about painting in Mudbox.   I even had a sneak peak of some future stuff he has coming out soon.   Mind blowing.  I'm a huge fan of Daniel's work and it was very cool to have the chance to meet and talk with him. 

Daniel Simon and Craig Barr


Mudbox Hard Surfacing Demo

This year, I spent a little bit of time focusing on some Hard Surface workflows in Mudbox 2013.   The topics covered include: building up initial forms and structure; refining with Flatten; plenty of simple back and forth polishing with Smooth and Flatten; and some tips and tricks that go along with achieving some tightened edges using: Orient to Surface, Pinch, Curves as sculpt guides; and Vector Displacement stamps as sculpt tools.  The 30 minute stage demo wraps with some discussion of producing quick render previews directly out of Mudbox with images and turn-tables.   At the side-stage of the Autodesk booth, in the Autodesk University & AREA Community Theatre, I went into a little more in-depth discussion of sculpting in Mudbox and the creation of custom Vector Displacement stamps for sculpting workflows using Maya and Mudbox.   I'll be posting a few videos discussing some more in-depth look at Hard Surface workflows, custom VDM creation, and using Ptex with Transferring Paint Layers, in the coming days.  I'll also provide a link to grab some simple stamps I created for nice hard-edging techniques in Mudbox. **UPDATE: you can find the VDM video/post and some VDM stamps here!**


Here's the Main Stage Hard Surfacing demo in Mudbox for Siggraph 2012:





Posted 21 August 2012 4:08 am

I hope Craig can answer this directly. You mentioned how you can create vector maps with simple geometric objects in Maya, I found this is an excellent tip. Although creating vector maps in Softimage or Mudbox produce, in my standards less then satisfactory results. I don't want to have to resort to hard edging every edge in the mesh, I'd like to see an image of a vector displacement map directly out of maya.

Craig Barr

Posted 21 August 2012 12:34 pm

Hey FalconCrest - I will be posting a quick and simple video showing this soon. However, it is very simple as I am only using Maya to model the shape (mostly just pushing/pulling points). I then export this as an fbx or obj, and then in Mudbox, import it as a layer on the base single-face-poly. All extractions are done in Mudbox.


Posted 21 August 2012 2:05 pm

I'm sorry, what do you mean 'import it as a layer on the base single-face polygon' ? I exported a geometric object I made in Softimage with undercuts, when I sculpt the extracted vector displacement map on a plane, I'm not getting those undercuts ?

Craig Barr

Posted 21 August 2012 5:46 pm

How are you extracting the VDM? What are you using as your base (target)? I'll put a video up ASAP.


Posted 22 August 2012 1:12 am

I'm extracting the VDM by having the source mesh selected, then extract VDM, having the target and the source selected if I select a different target, for example a plane, extracting VDM won't work, is there something I'm doing wrong ? Don't get me wrong, VDM are extracting but the undercuts I have created in the geometric object are not baked into the VDM.


Posted 25 August 2012 4:49 am



Posted 8 October 2012 4:47 pm

ASAP? did i miss something?

Craig Barr

Posted 30 October 2012 5:41 pm

Hey guys - I updated the post with the link to the VDM video/post and some VDM stamps... Grab it here

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