For the first time ever, you can test drive MotionBuilder 2009 for FREE!

Posted by Curtis Garton, 14 November 2008 9:42 pm

What is the next best thing after launching MotionBuilder 2009? Launching the MotionBuilder 2009 Trial! I have wanted to get a trial version of MoBu out for quite awhile now, but decided to wait until we had MoBu2009 out the door to make sure that new users would get to try out the new features we just launched. The trial is very similar to the 3ds Max trial in that you essentially get to use a fully functional copy for 30-days. No watermarks, no encrypted file format, no feature restrictions. We even included the tutorials in the installer (which weighs in at 500MB!) . So head on over, download a copy and get into MoBu2009 today:

And once you have it installed, check out the some of the demo videos:

And make sure to check out 3DBuzz’s video training materials on MoBu:

And the guys over at Mocap Club have a selection of MoBu tutorials as well:

On another note, Patrice in France sent me a link to a CBC (rock on Canada!) interview with James Cameron which I thought was really good. The guy did bring us Aliens after all. Speaking of which, has it been released on Blu-Ray yet?

Tech Alert for ATI users – it was in the readme, but I ran into this issue on my laptop so I want to make sure everyone else knows about it.

ATI™ Graphics Cards Performance

There are some performance issues with some of the ATI
graphics cards when using the non-power-of-two textures.
To help increase the performance, the workaround for this
issue is to manually set to “No” the Non-Power-Of-Two
Texture in the application.txt file.
Note: The application.txt file is in Crogram
FilesAutodeskMotionBuilder 2009 Trialbinconfig.

Still no snow in Montreal! We are counting the days, but so far we have been “white-free”. If you have ever wanted to visit Montreal, consider Nov->May off limits. Come in the summer..


Curtis Garton


Randall Hess

Posted 15 November 2008 5:46 am

Hey thanks for pointing me to your blog. Most of us will be trying out the demo very shortly.

Brad Clark

Posted 4 December 2008 12:12 pm

Also don't forget tutorials right here at the Area like the new story tutorial for 3December

Story Loop tutorial:

it covers how to use the story tool to take a motion capture segment, trim it, align it to go in a strait line, blend it between clips and finally do a offset pose blend to create a seamless loop that can be used for a game or in other parts of story.

The scene files are included for download so you can take a look around.. This is done in MotionBuilder 2009 and is a great compliment to the new free trial.

Thanks again Curtis for getting this started.

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