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Posted by Curtis Garton, 8 November 2008 6:48 am

First things first, I want to welcome the Softimage team to the family. Having worked in the Montreal 3D Community for most of my professional career, Softimage has always been revered and respected. I will never forget my first Siggraph party ever was the Softimage party in ’99 and man did they know how to do it up right. I’m thrilled to have them as part of our family and look forward to bring XSI and MoBu closer together.

Big news on the topic of community learning: 3DBuzz has gratefully brought the MotionBuilder training videos back online. These are by far some of the best MoBu training videos available and thanks to the guys at 3DBuzz, you can check them out on their site. The videos cover the major workflows and tools in the software, starting with the basics in v4 of the software, going up to v6 covering some more advanced animation techniques. ALL of this stuff is still relevant, so anyone wanting to get into the software or expand their skills, check these out:

http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_home.php (Thanks again to the guys @ 3DBuzz – you rock!)

Our good friends at Intersense and the 3rd Floor were doing a more in-depth demo of a virtual camera workflow @ Siggraph this year, and posted a video of the session in action. Check out Chris Edwards showing off the new VCam that Intersense just launched:

FXGuide had a summary of a panel that was held by VES (Visual Effect Society), which included representatives from Eyetronics, Motion Analysis, Henson Studios, Vicon, SPI, Giant Studios, ILM, ICT and ImageMetrics:
Demystifying Motion Capture Techniques

A little look at some big movies this summer that used our technology:

Autodesk Technology Helps Shape the Summer's Hottest Films

And what would a technology blog be without some tips and tricks. Here are a few quick Python code examples for MoBu 2009:

That’s all from my end. Hope everyone has started getting their hands into MoBu2009!


Curtis Garton


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