Crowd funding a new Rainbow Warrior

Posted by Darren Brooker, 14 May 2012 1:00 am

After 22 years of tireless campaigning, the previous Rainbow Warrior was retired on 16 August 2011 and thanks to over 100,000 donations, Greenpeace was able to launch the third Rainbow Warrior a mere two months later. A pivotal part of the success of this campaign was down to the winning formula for crowd funding its new Rainbow Warrior via rich 3D campaign site created by DDB Paris

The A New Warrior site allowed potential supporters of its efforts to explore the new flagship vessel, and featured an impressive immersive feel, offering a visually compelling environment in which to help fund this worthwhile venture.

As well as being to explore the vessel in 3D, visitors to the campaign site were able to explore the areas of the ship via schematic plans and choose specific items from the ship, from individual biros at a cost of 1 Euro, up to 7,000 Euro desalinators. The campaign site helped Greenpeace reach beyond its 3 million regular annual donors and meet its target funding in record time, allowing it to replace the current 52 year-old vessel in double-quick time.

DDB was among a list of companies providing their services at free or reduced rates, and that included the specialised Dutch 3D agency Virtek, which lent its maritime engineering and design expertise to bring the new Rainbow Warrior to life in 3D. Additionally, the award-winning French digital agnecy les84 brought its digital production and branding interaction expertise to the project.

Finally, a webcam allowed visitors to the campaign site to follow the construction live via a webcam in the German shipyard where the vessel was being built, and on-board the new ship is a donation wall that features all 100,000 names of those who donated to the ship’s construction. After 22 years of tirelessly campaigning at the front line, it's fitting that a new vessel built and funded from the ground up - bolt by bolt, anchor by anchor, soap dish by soap dish - by involving its supporters in how their donation contributes to the bigger picture of its construction.

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