Soft and strong!

Posted by Darren Brooker, 26 July 2012 9:13 am

As if origami wasn't difficult enough, when Publicis approached Glassworks, the "soft and strong" brief developed to feature an origami girl representing the softness and a weightlifter to show of the strength of the product. The Publicis creatives asked the team at Glassworks Amsterdam to take over the design and direction of the spot, as well as the execution of the CG.

Directing the spot was the 3D Lead Rudiger Kaltenhauser, who faced the task of rigging the characters, an uneviable one given the way the characters transitioned from and to flat sheets of paper. It was here that Softimage's ICE tools came into their own, with Martin Chatertee in the 3D team developing custom ICE tools to fold a single polygon grid as often as required, whilst retaining the flexibility to change angle, radius and position of every single fold without incurring any intersections.

The result is a visually-stunning testament to the power of ICE in Softimage and the incredible creativity and vision of the Glassworks Amsterdam CG sure to check out the making of video below! 

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Darren Brooker

Posted 26 July 2012 10:31 am

As well as Softimage, the spot was finished in Flame too! Hoping Glassworks will be at IBC to discuss the making of some of their incredible work...

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