Autodesk Smoke 2013 - Pre-Release 4 is out and you know what that means! More videos!!!

Posted by Ultimate_Smoker*, 25 September 2012 11:13 am

Hi Everyone,

I am delighted that we have released Smoke 2013 PR4 for public download.   If you have not already got it than please go get it now. 

Remember to run the upgrade script if you are in the middle of a job to make sure everything comes across from PR3 to PR4.

One of the big things that I am sure will encourage you is the return of a few essential media management tools.   This includes project sharing and project archiving.

Smoke 2013 - PR4

So what is new?

Well there are a ton of usual bug fixes under the hood but I'll try list the "stand-outs" for you.

  • Improved navigation controls with J K L (personal favourite!)
  • Navigating using selected clips in the sequence 
  • Collapsing the FX-Pipeline (You'll like this UI improvement)
  • Segment Pre-Processing options in the sequence (known as clip import history)
  • Media sharing between projects
  • Project archiving and restore
  • Redesigned Export panel with PRESETS!
  • and more!

I have already released a few videos on the Smoke Learning Channel today covering some of the above topics and I have planned to make more over the coming weeks!

I am always happy to receive feedback and comments and I try to answer everything.  But if you are having issues with Smoke 2013, please post on the official AREA forum so that our support will see it and others who have had similar experiences can help too.

Good reminder as always:

Thanks for hanging in there with us!  It is slowly improving and it will continue to get better!

Have a great week!





Posted 2 October 2012 7:22 pm

Thanks for the info. I've been using all of the previous versions of the pre-release and I keep losing my project or settings. They are all test projects but I was wondering if there is a way to keep the projects before installing the new pre-trial version.




Posted 3 October 2012 8:05 am

I am attempting to navigate my way around the new smoke 2013 4 release, having spent over 18 years using Flint. Where is the best place to post comments and questions about how the smoke interface operates? I find there are a number of forums and groups, not sure where is best, thanks



Posted 3 October 2012 8:33 am

@vkshah - You need to run the upgrade script to upgrade your projects from PR3 to PR4 - go to this link - for the instructions

@tworivers - Hi David, long time no speak. The best place to poct comments and questions is on the smoke 2013 forum -



Posted 4 December 2012 9:50 pm

Hi, Ultimate_Smoker,

I had been creating some complex connect fx batches in Smoke 2013 prerelease v2 and then had to let the project sit until now when I upgraded to prerelease v6.

Is there a way to open up the the v2 cfx batches into v6?

Note: I tried downloading the upgrade script that upgraded to v4 but that won't run, citing that I don't have prerelease v4 installed and I cannot find a v4 prerelease as the stepping stone to get to v6.

I believe installing v6 messed up my ability to open v2.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I guess I should post this as a forumn topic as well.



Posted 5 December 2012 11:02 am

Hi Mike,

Did you save the CFX as a setup? If yes, than you might be able to open the CFX setups in V6. This will gibe you all the nodes etc but it won't give you the media which you will have to manually reload and replace in the node tree... but this will get you 95% of the way there.

If the answer is no, than you need to go on the forums and ask Robert if there is a way to get V2 up and running so that you can get in there and save the CFX setup.

Hope this helps!


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