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Posted by Ultimate_Smoker*, 3 February 2012 12:00 am

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Hi Everyone,

It's absolutely freezing here in London!  I read somewhere that it is here to stay for a while but I'll keep things warmed with a great weekly dose of Autodesk Smoke.

This week I wanted to deliver a great user request about how to use the output menu in the Action 3D compositor in Smoke.

Action Render Outputs

In the previous videos, we covered creating render passes from Autodesk Maya.  But did you know that the Action 3D compositor has the capability to output render passes as well?

This is a fantastic feature once you get to grips with it.  You can output beauty passes, matte passes for selected objects, Z-depth passes to create depth of field effects, shadow passes to recomposite shadows after rendering and ambient occlusion passes to add an extra dimension to your composites.  All of this in the compositing and finishing suite!

So you can tweak various aspects of your rendered composite after its rendered from action using the large variety of creative modules available in Smoke.

You've got to check it out!!!

Level: Intermediate
Software: Smoke 2012 SAP 1


This video is best viewed in Full Screen HD mode

The features shown are valid for Smoke 2012 SAP 1 for Mac

Another workflow is that you can easily version multiple beauty passes with the render outputs.  So for example, you could render a composite its graphic elements and a second version of it without the graphic elements -- all of this is one can be done in one render session by setting the Action Render Outputs!

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Take care wherever you are and see you again really soon.

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