NEW HOT TIPS VIDEO POST: Copying Animation Curves

Posted by Ultimate_Smoker*, 9 November 2012 5:25 pm

Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday to you all!!!   I hope that everyone is well and everything is great in post!

Here is your Friday Hot Tip!


Copying Animation Curves

This quick 2-3 minute HOT TIP shows you how to copy an animation curve between dissolves.  

Normally you can select multiple transitions and adjust their duration and blending at the same time.  

But this has never been the case with animation curves types like linear or S-shaped curves.   

This top user tip shows how it is possible just in a slightly different way.

Please note this method works with transitions of the same length.  Transitions with different lengths needs to be manually tweaked. 

Video produced using Smoke 2013 Pre-Release 5

Available now on the Smoke Learning Channel on YouTube and iTunes.

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