New Video on Creating a Character focusing on modeling hands in Maya

Posted by Steve, 13 December 2012 7:01 pm

We're back with another video in our series on character creation! In this week's video we focus on the creation of the hand for our Sven character.  It's always a good idea to do some research before jumping into a project and I would like to call your attention to a few pieces of reference that I used for this piece.

3D World Magazine – April  2012 – Issue 154

On page 88 & 89 there is a 2 page feature by Mike Griggs that talks about Modeling and Texturing a hand.  There are 4 key tips he captures:

1.       The Thumb is not a Finger

2.       Use Photographic Reference

3.       Clone Texture Maps

4.       Use Edge Loops

Why do I like the articles from 3D World?  Well there are industry professionals that are providing tutorials and tips-n-tricks to key workflows in production that are valuable for a student or hobbyist that would someday like to get a job in this industry.

One of the cool things is that all of these magazines are now available as downloads for laptops or mobile devices like and iPad or iPhone as well as a Zinio which supports window, OS X and iPad.

3D World Mag Link

I also want to give you a few additional video links from Digtial Tutors that I also referenced:

Creative Development: Modeling a Female Character for Animation in Maya with Gene Arvan Digital Tutors Link

Modeling Realistic Hands in Maya and Mudbox with Justin Marshall Digital Tutors Link 2

Digital Tutors offers quite a few free videos but I recommend getting a subscription if possible.  Who know, maybe you can put it on a list for yourself as a holiday gift?

Now to this weeks video:


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