VES Award Submission Deadline Fast Approaching and New Character Creation Video

Posted by Steve, 14 November 2012 12:01 am

Have you submitted your application for the Visual Effects Society Student Award? What are you waiting for? This prestigious award is presented at a Hollywood Black Tie Ceremony with the world's top visual artist in attendance. You could be walking down the red carpet in early 2013 to accept your award! Previous winners met Stan Lee and James Cameron! The application process closes on November 30th. Find out the details now about how you can submit your work here.

Check out the previous submission and award winners here. While your out it, you might get a little inspiration from Steven Spielberg.

Well we have come a long way in the last 6 weeks! We started by looking at the development of our character in the conceptual process and then continuing through to our final character sketches. In the next section of videos we are going to focus on modeling our character.  We'd like to call your attention to a few resources we've found as we research best practices on workflow and creating characters. This one from 3D World Magazine. and this online article by Antony Ward link which takes us through the 18 tips for building low poly models.  In the current video below we focus on 3 of them: Start Simple, Keep your topology clean and follow natural muscle lines.

Once again, Digital Tutors provided excellent reference material in their tutorials Creative Development:Modeling a Fantasy Character in Maya with Pat Imrie

On to our next video, Modeling the Torso and Arms!


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