Working with Image Planes and Maya in the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite and New Student Resource page!

Posted by Steve, 7 November 2012 12:01 am

Do you have trouble keeping track of all the Autodesk resources? We decided to put up a page just students here on the Area: Student Landing Page

This landing page will provide you with links to free resources, forums, tutorials, the student expert program contests and much much more. Check it out today! We'll continue to add links and update the page as new items become available.

In our latest video in the series we look at bringing images into Maya to use as reference for modeling.  There are some good tips-n-tricks in this video so that you can avoid some frustration that can happen when working with image planes.

Here are links to image planes of Sven in Color and Black and White:

Sven Color Image

Sven Black and White

If you need to improve your Maya skills, you can always check out the tutorials on the Autodesk Maya Learning Channel. There are also some really good additional video resources at Digital Tutors around image planes that we strongly recommend here.

On to the the latest video:

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Posted 7 November 2014 8:15 pm

The Link for the images does not work Dropbox error 404

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