3ds Max State Sets and (some) Smoke tools for 3D Artists

Posted by visualz, 14 August 2011 8:00 pm

UPDATE & NOTE - this video was recorded with Autodesk Smoke 2012.  Users can now download a trial version of the newer 2013 release here.  http://usa.autodesk.com/smoke-for-mac/  This includes significant changes to the User Interface, but no features shown in this video above have been removed from the application.  //garyD

This first video takes a look at setting up render passes and other uses for the "State Sets" in 3ds Max 2012. This is a new feature offering found in the Subscription Advantage Pack shown for the first time at SigGraph 2011. In addition, CG render passes are then brought over to Autodesk Smoke 2012 to explore the uses of timeline editorial compositing, stereoscopic workflows, as well and additional effects tailored to 3D artists.

  3ds Max Subscription Advantage Pack for 2012; "State Sets" (Feature)

- Render passes using different renderers

- Camera switching and passing out Render Elements per camera

- Viewport configuration (an example of a State Set use for non-rendering folks)

Autodesk Smoke 2012 including the Subscription Advantage Pack

- Non-linear editing and compositing 3ds Max Render Elements in the Timeline

- Creating stereoscopic assets from monoscopic left/right streams rendered out of 3ds Max

- Flame FX; Depth of Field

- Flame FX2; Matchbox Z-Rays 

garyD's note - In the above video, there is a small error on my part that you might catch, but doesnt affect the feature or workflow shown. During the creation of the stereo pairs, I accidentally picked the left/right in the backwards order.  I blame the late night hours leading up to SigGraph for this and apologize for the error on my part!

This second video is from our friends over at nVidia and shows the new iRay Activeshade window now available to 3ds Max 2012 via the subscription Advantage Pack.  Michael Kaplan also shows a technology preview of iRay rendering on the cloud...


For a look at all the killer presenations from Autodesk at SigGraph 2011, Please follow this link to the AREA micro-site!





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