SigGraph Partner Brief; Boxx Technologies

Posted by visualz, 22 August 2012 4:06 pm

This brief video was shot at SigGraph 2012.  In addition to showing the new Smoke 2013 at the Autodesk booth, I was also in LA demoing some Autodesk applications at the Boxx Technologies booth (including 3ds Max and Backburner).  Both GPU and CPU based rendering was performed all week on several new offerings for artists and designers.  

In the coming weeks I will be expanding this discussions in much more depth.  My current goal for these coming blog posts include:

  • GPU based rendering in 3ds Max on NVIDIA Maximus architecture(s)
  • CPU based network rendering with 3ds Max and Autodesk Backburner
  • CPU based distributed bucket rendering with 3ds Max and mental ray

I am also open to suggestions for these coming blogs pertaining to hardware and software solutions for rendering large volumes of stills and animaitons using 3ds Max.  Please Fire away!

For more information on the systems seen in this video, please visit the Boxx Technologies links below.

RenderPRO Series

3D Boxx 4000 Series

...and see you soon for more of this in depth when I'm not surrounded with trade show madness!




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