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Posted by Bellsey, 23 April 2012 1:00 am

You remember late last year I posted about that we had hosted first Softimage London User Group in many a year. Well at that meeting a seed was planted about trying to get more regular user meeting to happen and well after just a little bit of time, its happened...The London Softimage User Group has been reborn!!

Andy Nicholas of The Mill posted this to the Softimage mailing list so I'll leave the rest to him..

Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to officially announce to the list the relaunch of the London Softimage user group, now known as the Softimage Creatives, or "SiC" for short. Our website has gone live today at, and you can now register for the first event.

We're working hard to put together a meeting in about 6 weeks time, on Tuesday 5th June. It will be held at The Jerusalem Bar in Soho, London, right underneath Passion Pictures. There's 7 of us in total helping to put this together: Rob Chapman, Ciaran Moloney, Matt Morris, Ellen Payne, Dave Throssell, Adrian Wyer, and myself, some of whom you may recognise from this list.

Being a user group, it's not about us, it's about you. So we're looking for people to get involved on the evening, and there are three things you can do:

1. This one’s compulsory! If you want to come along on 5th June, make sure you register for the event using the “Register” button here:

2. Let us know if you want to present something at the meeting. It’ll be quite informal, and you’ll just be talking to people crowding around you, rather than an entire room. It’s more like a show and tell, it wouldn’t have to last more than 15 minutes, and others will be happening simultaneously as you do yours. It’ll be fun, nothing to be scared about!

3. We want to show off some of the work you’ve been doing by putting together a Softimage reel to show at the event. Get in touch if we can use some of your gorgeous graphics in the video.

If you want to help us out on the evening or would like more information, you can get in touch directly with any of us, or through the contact form on the website, here:

Full details of the event can be found here:

Twitter: @SIC_London

One last thing. Tell, Tweet, and Facebook this to everyone. Let's get some positive news about Softimage out there for a change! ;)




One last thing from me, this is just a single chapter based in London, but the guys are keen to communicate with other Softimage users in other major cities, especially if people are interested in setting up their own chapters. So please go to the site and contact them!





Posted 23 April 2012 12:32 pm

I know several acronyms were tried, but no matter much we tried the various combinations, they just didn't seem to work.


Posted 29 April 2012 10:04 pm

Best of Luck

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