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Posted by Bellsey, 29 October 2010 1:00 am

I’ve been on a few travels for Autodesk, so I’m a little behind on my blog posts, so this will be the first of 2 posts, in a bid to make up for lost time……:-)

Anyone in production will tell you that the one thing that you can never seem to have enough of, apart from more time and people, is tools. There can be small tools, large tools, and tools that can grow to become full blown features and technology, thus spawning their own tools.

Of course the web holds an abundance of tools for many of our software packages, some free, some for purchase. It’s also good to see when people are prepared to share these tools, but even better when they share them as Open Source.

Some who has done exactly that recently is StudioNest in Spain. They have shared some really cool tools for Autodesk Softimage and built using the ICE technology.
They’ve created a dedicated site here for their open source offerings with all the files to download and also a Vimeo channel with samples and tutorials.

There’s certainly been a lot of talk on the forums about these tools from many Softimage users, so check them out.


Another studio who’s also not afraid to share some cool stuff out there, is Blur Studios.
These guys always produce great work, but they’re also put some tools out there for people, again with a dedicated site - Blur Tools, for sharing and resources. They have some nice stuff for both Softimage and Max.





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Posted 31 October 2010 2:31 am

Awesome G,

Thanks for the updates The StudioNest stuff looks great!

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