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Posted by Bellsey, 7 August 2012 10:40 am

Many people ask me about how they can get more involved in in our product development or providing feedback to our development. Well now you can.

Any Max users out there will probably already be familier with the Small Annoying Things feedback, well we now also have similar forums for Maya and also Mudbox.

These feedback forums break down into 2 sections:

Small Annoying Things - This is for suggesting annoying little quirks or problems in the software that you want us to fix.


Ideas & Feature Requests - For issues that are bigger that you think will improve things and feature requests, then use this forum.

Simple eh, however, we don't want loads of random stuff, so we've kinda clipped your wings a little. You can only have 20 votes per forum (40 in total) - so 20 votes for Small Annoying Things and 20 for Ideas and Feature requests. You might be thinking that's abit mean, but it's hard for us to literally do everything, so this actually helps you really focus on the stuff that you want, which in turn helps us get focused feedback.

So does this voting thing work?

If you suggest an idea or fix, it will cost you one vote, but you might want to check on forum in case someone has already suggested it. In that case you can vote for it, and more than once too. But you can have no more than 3 votes for single idea, so use them wisely.

You can change your votes at any time, so you may have used 3 votes on one idea because you really want it, but if you wanted one of them back to use on something else, then you can do that.

When an idea is implemented (or declined), or taken offline, your votes are returned to you.

We will flag ideas and suggestions as "under review", which means that it has our attention and we're looking at it for possible implementation or gathering more data. However because we have limits on what we can say publicly, this is as far as we can go with commenting on a particular idea. There is no commitment from us to do it.

There is an FAQ about how the voting works, so be sure and check it out.

Also think about which forum to place you vote or suggestions. For issues that you think are easier to fix, then use Small Annoying things as these are more like to be fixed sooner. Don't post small things into the Ideas & Feature Requests.

When entering ideas, please try to be precise (avoid using words like etc.) and make sure that each idea is separate - do not put two or more ideas into the same entry. If you do, we'll need to send it back to you for clarification. The more precise and detailed a description you give, the more likely your idea will be considered.

So here's the links you need...


Ideas for Maya Forum

Small Annoying Things for Maya


Ideas for Mudbox Forum

Small Annoying Things for Mudbox

Get Voting!


p.s. ok, so the more astute ones will no doubt notice that these forums are all very well, but what about Softimage? Where the Softimage Ideas and Small Annoying Things? And yes, you're right, we don't have one......yet. Ideally we would like to have Softimage versions of these sites, but the guys are busy on stuff at the moment, so we've decided to hold off for now.

However, anyone reading my blog, will be aware that I posted here about a feedback survery that the Softimage Creatives usergroup were hosting. That survey has now closed and the high level results can be seen here. We're now hoping to liase with the guys so we can break things down and hopefully put together a more deeper and specific survey. So we haven't forgotton about Soft, we're just doing it differently for now. :-)


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