Getting back into it!

Posted by Area Editor, 27 July 2007 6:48 pm

Well, I've been gone a month, and the good news is that I had a wonderful vacation sailing up and down Long Island Sound. I was even out of email contact (mostly). That partially explains the lack of activity on my blog. The other part is that it is crazy busy leading up to Siggraph.

This year, Siggraph is in San Diego and we've got a lot of interesting things planned. Marketing tells me that Autodesk will be hard to miss - so expect to be bombarded with some cool images and the best of the merging of Alias/Discreet marketing themes. We've got one heck of a party planned - it involves partying with something that weighs 45,000 tons and is 968 feet long. You won't want to miss it. Details to be published/emailed shortly.

We've got lots of news to communicate at Siggraph, it's a shame I don't get to release any of it here. You'd think with all my inside information I'd have the scoop of the century - or of at least the day. But no, I have to keep all the cool stuff under wraps and post AFTER the press gets a chance to get it out.

I'm really looking forward to San Diego and meeting/seeing many of you again or for the first time. We've got customer meetings set up, a user advisory council and some other events. You'll receive invites to these if you haven't already. I hope you all can get to SD for the show. You should expect standing room only for the User Group meeting - so get there early. I think we expanded the venue to hold 2,000 people, but don't count on it as my memory is a little vague on the details.

You can expect a lot of exciting news soon from us. I'm very proud of what we've been working on and I hope you'll get excited by it too. Can't really say more than that.


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