Media Design: a brave new term for a brave new world

Posted by Ken Pimentel, 9 January 2012 7:00 pm

Media Design

This is a term that you'll see us use more and more. So perhaps we should define it a little for you. For us, media design is the process and tools used to create digital media. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, it’s because they are used more in Advertising, Publishing and Broadcast-related fields. From my perspective, media design is about the creation of content that drives the marketing or experience of a design, product or concept. So, you might create an interactive ipad app using 2d/3d media to market a new car, or you might create 3d content to drive a stereoscopic projection of a new movie that’s projected on the wall of a building. There are a mix of important workflows in this area – such as motion graphics, synthetic photography and web-based interactive 3d games. It’s basically about taking media to the next level and supporting the transformation of traditional media to digital media. In case you missed the headlines, this is a big deal and is shaking up agencies and who they outsource with. BTW, recent article in NYT said that the combination of someone who knows digital media and has creative skills is one of the hottest jobs right now and agencies can’t fill these high-paying positions. Just in case you’re considering a career move…

This is a big enough deal that I’m mostly going to start focusing on it myself (along with a team of others). You’re going to start seeing my efforts talk more about this subject than any other subject and it will be less about a single product and more about our various solutions to address these needs. Don’t worry, 3ds Max plays an important role in all of this (it’s probably our strongest product in this area), but I can’t reveal exactly how it will change to more directly support these challenges. I can say we’ve got some surprises for you.

Facebook and Digital Media

To help meet the needs of media design professionals, Autodesk has launched a new Digital Media Community on Facebook at

Check it out --we have some great customer videos and a new independent industry study by Forrester Research which looks at rich digital media & how advertisers are deploying it to help drive higher customer engagement.

You can also join the conversation on Twitter by using: #mediadesign.

Rich Digital Media Advertising: A Growing Opportunity for 3D Artists and Video Editors

Have you noticed the growing number of impressive 3D online ads and brand experiences? If you have, you are not alone! Online advertising –and video advertising in particular –is outpacing all other forms of advertising (17.2% growth compared to the industry average of 4.5%*).

The rapid growth of professional online video content, tablets, mobile devices, and ad technology are all helping to drive growth. To embrace this change, publishers are opening up new online ad formats, and advertisers and agencies are dreaming up creative new ways to garner attention and engage users.

Rich, interactive, online experiences are helping advertisers to tell their brand stories, connect with their audience, and demonstrate their products, in ways never before possible. 

You can get the report here.

*Source: “Worldwide Ad Spending: Online Drives Growth,” eMarketer August 2011


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