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Posted by Area Editor, 7 March 2007 7:08 pm

You might find it surprising to know that 3ds Max is the number 1 professional 3D animation tool on the planet. Most seats and most revenue. We now know this because we purchased the #2 company last year and I've been analyzing all the historical and current data. We can remove all doubt, 3ds Max rules!

You know, we must be doing something right for someone out there. I doubt we're forcing people in forgotten gulags to purchase and use our software. I think we can all be pretty damned proud about how this "old school" software keeps delivering the goods for an incredible diversity of users. Most of you are intensely loyal to 3ds Max given that you've been part of our story, release after release. Many of you introduce yourselves to me as, "Hi, I'm so-and-so, been using Max since Release 1". It's like part of your identity. I view that as sort of a sacred trust between you and me. We've got to do what's right to honor the loyalty you show us. This isn't just any piece of software, this is 3ds Max!

I just got into SF for GDC from Las Vegas and OTC. At OTC, we competed with the bright lights and lurid colors while showing off our latest video reels of all your good work. You'll be happy to know that 3ds Max was very present and shows the new cooperation we're achieving with other internal divisions. Some of this has already appeared in products with Revit 2008 shipping with enhanced DWG interop specifically for 3ds Max (and us doing the same on our end). We've only begun too.

My highlight had to be Bill Clinton speaking to us all. Wow, he is so eloquent. Quite a stark comparison to others that I could think of. He really is on a mission to still change the world for the better. Autodesk can play a role too with focusing on sustainable design. I'm working on something for 3ds Max that I hope will let even us contribute - but it is still super-duper secret.




Posted 8 March 2007 6:23 am

Are you gonna have to shoot us if you tell us your super-duper secret? We won't tell, 3dMax honor.


Brian Bradley

Posted 8 March 2007 10:08 pm

Tease! Tease! Tease!
This Blog is not good for my heart. :-)


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