Subscription Benefit: prior version release improved!

Posted by Ken Pimentel, 17 April 2008 7:13 am

Starting with 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Max Design 2009 Autodesk has improved the subscription benefit where customers are enabled to operate version of the software up to 3 versions back from the current release. This benefit applies to both standalone and network licenses, and is only valid with a current subscription contract.

This is not a new policy as much as an extended benefit of the existing entitlement that allows a Subscription customer who legally licensed a previous version, including those older than three releases back, to continue to use the
previous version, provided they do not exceed the maximum number of licenses that
were originally obtained for that release, and in no event more than the number of
seats currently on Subscription.

As of April 7, 2008, this benefit is being enhanced. Effective on that date, customers may use previous versions of up to three (3) releases back from the 2009 product release up to the total number of licenses of the product currently under Subscription. Subscription customers who do not have the previous version of the software may request available media through the Subscription Center.

As part of the enhancements to current policy, we do not require that subscribers have owned the eligible previous version(s). With the 2009 product release, subscribers may use current version or up to three versions back whether or not those previous version(s) were owned. Whereas under the current policy, Subscribers can use previous versions of products they have on Subscription only if they legally owned a license for that version.

ABC is automatically generating these licenses for customers with subscription, for standalone seats it’s done on the backend. When customers get their 2009 release and go through the authorization process they will get updated license codes that support this benefit.

See the FAQ below for more info.




Posted 17 April 2008 8:00 am

Considering the recent set of releases, you kinda have to do that. If transitions from an older version of max to a newer version were completely smooth, it wouldn't be necessary. Edit: disabling the cube widget eliminated my constant crashes :Edit

But going back to a topic related to your blog. It would be nice to have some sort of License management web utility. I'll give you an actual example. The license says you can have a home and work copy authorized, as long as it's only you using it and both copies are not being used at the same time etc etc.

When it came out, I installed Max 2008 on my C drive. My C drive was a two disc mirrored raid drive. One day - I don't know what the tech term is but my C drive un raided itself. Meaning it was now two separate un synched hard drives. The next time I loaded Max it re authorized me. I wondered, did I just use up my "home" authorization? I had no way of knowing. If I had, I also had no way to tell Autodesk authorization central - you can delete this autorization, it no longer applies, but keep this one because it's the one I am now using.

Anyway, if any of that made sense, it would be nice to have a web tool that you could see what machine(s) are authorized and de authorize machines that for whatever reason do not exist any longer. Or you could just bring back the dongle ;-)


Posted 17 April 2008 12:33 pm

I for one really appreciate it Ken! It wil really helps when certain plugins haven't made the transition.


Posted 17 April 2008 6:39 pm

Thanks again Ken

I guess the legal department wrote that text.... to my understanding it means this:

1. If a customer now bought Max 2009 with subscription, he can dowload Max2008, Max 9 and Max 8 (3 versions down) from
the autodesk website. (Older customers have the CD copys at home or at office.)
Were can one download this, since the Trial version is only the latest version or do i have to order CD'S and DVD's ?

2. I can ask autodesk for authorisation codes for these versions!

3. i don't have to install them on one single computer!

That means, a company that has a Max2009 license under subscription can install 3 older versions on computers for .i.e.
production work, schoolar reasons or else ? These computers can be at the operators home also?

Does that mean i can request newer codes for 1 Max2008 license, 1 Max 9 license and 1 Max 8 lincense?
And ic can not call for 3 Max 2008 codes?

When now installing the latest Backburner version on my renderfarm, how does that affect my Mental Ray render licenses?

SInce Mental Ray is downward compatible that would mean 8 licenses for Max 8 jobs (using the Max 8 computer as server), 6 licenses for Max 9 jobs, 4 for Max2008 jobs and 2 for Max2009 jobs... am i right with all my thoughts???

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