10 new ways to enhance your Smoke experience

Posted by Marc-Andre Ferguson, 27 September 2011 8:00 pm

With the release of the Smoke 2012 Subscription Advantage Pack, also known as "the extension", you gain some new functionality that will enhance your day to day work. Grant Kay did an excellent overview of the new Flame FX, so I will not cover them here.

Instead, I decided to focus on my top 10 workflow enhancements:

1. Enhanced support for RED Epic
Smoke has new options available when importing R3D files. There are commands and sliders for ingesting EPIC HDRx files to blend the two exposures. Also, the Gateway now reads image orientation metadata.

2. Import AVC HD footage
This is a great addition to the format support list. A host of consumer cameras use this codec, including my own Panasonic GH-2, but also more professional ones, like the Sony NEX-FS100. Files must be encoded as MTS or M2TS, and the audio must be Linear PCM.

3. Import GoPro footage
This little camera is extremely popular, and you can now import it's MP4 HD files directly.

4. Save Import History as an Import Rule
While using the Gateway to import media, you can set rules to define resize options and the like that automatically apply to clips you drag and drop into your Library. Sometimes, you'll select an individual clip and modify it's parameters before importing it. These are saved as the clip's Import History. You can now easily turn the applied settings into a rule, in order to use it again at another time.

5. Restart the Wiretap Gateway from Smoke
If your local Gateway goes south of the border, you can now restart it from the Network Panel.

6. Export Apple ProRes QuickTime files
'nuf said.

7. Export MXF files
You can now export clips to an MXF format, such as AVC-Intra or Avid DNxHD. Great for interop with Avid editors and some broadcast servers.

8. Broadcast monitoring from the Kona 3G's HDMI port
This feature has a few limitations, but several clients had been requesting this for a while, especially if your client monitor is a big plasma TV.

9. No more selecting segments on locked tracks and layers
This is kind of a cool new editing feature that prevents you from messing up your timeline. Locked layers are locked for a reason, right?

10. Blooming
Ok, it's not a workflow enhancer, but it's so darn cool. Use this new relighting node in Action to add a beautiful glowing effect to your scene.

For more information about these new features, or to discover all the other ones, read up on them here.

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