2011 Advantage Pack with Lagoa NOW AVAILABLE for download!!

Posted by Mark Schoennagel, 6 October 2010 5:00 pm

Wooo Hooooo!!! Today's the day everyone!!!!   It just hit the web, you can now officially download Softimage 2011.5 from the Autodesk subscription center!  This release of course has the super-ridiculously-awesome Lagoa physics solver within ICE that I'm sure you all know about.  So go pick yourself up a pair of anaglyph stereo glasses and some red bull and prepare to pull an all nighter enjoying some sweet, sweet Lagoa!!  ...Oh and of course lets not forget the new viewport cube! ;) 

Congrats to everyone on the development team in Montreal and to Thiago and crew for Lagoa, this is a game changer indeed!!,

Those on subscription click here:  http://autodesk.com/subscriptionlogin

Those not on subscription, call your reseller asap!! :) :) :)

 PS, if you haven't seen the videos or the full release featureset click here:  http://www.the-area.com/blogs/marks/introducing_softimage_2011_5_with_lagoa

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Posted 11 October 2010 2:45 am

Ran a few tests, and I was blown away. Great polygonizer (though just makes me hungry for E. Mootz's next version, just teased us this week) The Lagoa system is amazing, and very deep. However, the one of the best things is the PPG panel on the right of the UI. I've been wanting that for a while now. Happy days. BTW, has anyone else customized the cube? Mine looks like Homer Simpson. Makes all my students laugh (and jealous they can't customize their 3ds Max.)

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