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Posted by Mark Schoennagel, 20 September 2012 11:28 pm

Hi everyone,

I had a few cool things to report so I figure before I left on my crazy, epic vacation across America I would write up a little blog post.  :)  Siggraph came and went as well as IBC in Europe so finally the tradeshow season is over.  Siggraph was fun for yours truly, I had a prime slot in the Autodesk theater as well as some fun presentations in some other booths like Intel and Nvidia.  I showed mostly crowds in the main Autodesk theater but was able to mix it up a bit in the “Autodesk University Theater.”  There I showed some great customer work by my friends Todd, Dave and Jonah from Psyop as well as look at an awesome ICE effect from Nick Hatzichristos.  Big thanks to all those guys!  Also big thanks to Intel who built me this crazzzzy machine that unfortunately never made it to the show.  It did make it to my living room though, four 8 core Xeons, 128 gigs of RAM and two raided 500 gig SSD drives!!   Nvidia hooked me up with an equally crazy Quadro 6000 paired with a Tesla, lol Good grief, what a screamer!! Of course I also met with a bunch of great customers and friends as usual...  Another fun Siggraph under the ever increasing belt-line.

Someone else I need to mention for helping me out with Siggraph is our new product lead for Softimage, Stefan Rueffer.  He’s a talented engineer/artist from Germany who now leads the Softimage development team in Singapore.   Stefan brings some great production skillz with Soft and is doing a fantastic job already with the team.  I know there was moaning and groaning recently about moving the previous dev team to other technologies but I can tell you the team in Singapore is very talented and hungry to prove themselves.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the next release of Soft they are working on… in fact its almost in beta! 

There was also another positive change recently that I need to mention.  Cory Mogk has taken over Product Management duties for Softimage from my good friend Jason-Brynford Jones aka Chinny.  While Chinny is of course irriplaceable I think they made a wise choise in selecting Cory for the job.  He's an all-around good dude and has already impressed me with his dedication to Softimage.  As soon as he took over as PM he called me up to go over the roadmap and get my feedback on a variety of topics.  Since then he has continued to do an impressive job gathering feedback and developing a plan for our product.  Heck just yesterday he asked if I could find him a customer near LAX while he had a 4 hour layover! ...I think sometimes change can be good and I am confident all this new blood will inject some fresh ideas into Soft!

By the way, Cory has his own blog here on The Area and made this post announcing his new position.   He’s also made a post explaining what the CIP data in Softimage is used for.  After finding out myself all that we can learn from the CIP data I realllly encourage all of you to turn it on.  Its not a big-brother thing at all, we really look closely at the data and made a lot of decisions to product based on it.  We know what tools are being used, where things might be failing, what type of hardware we need to be supporting, etc.  It’s massively helpful AND… ANNNDDDDD if you’re running a suite license it lets us know you are using Softimage. ;)  The more people use Softimage in the suites the more love Softimage gets so please turn it on! Here’s Cory’s video on CIP in Softimage.

I have user group to announce as well as Todd Akita's awesome "ICE: Design Tools" document to share but Ill do that on a dedicated post.  If you're into ICE at all this is a must read!!  Look for that tomorrow here on the blog.

Thanks my friends!







Posted 21 September 2012 4:38 am

Great News Mark! Thanks! Sounds like you are in for an amazing trip.


Posted 21 September 2012 8:48 am

Awesome Mark, can't wait to read the ICE doc!


Posted 21 September 2012 6:14 pm

Cool stuff, good news indeed ! Thanks again for everything Mark - I hope (actually I 'm pretty sure) you have crazy, epic fun on your vacation !

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