Good grief, has it been a year already? Softimage 2012.5 is here!!

Posted by Mark Schoennagel, 8 August 2011 5:00 pm

Here we are again - man how time flies.  Anyway, the team have been busy and have updated the modeling tools in this release (a bit overdue I know).  What is cool is that they built a bunch of them using ICE modeling, which was introduced in 2012.  The Add Smooth Edge Loop Tool was built using the Tool SDK introduced in 2012 as well -   talk about eating one's own dogfood.  With ICE exposed in so many areas of the software it is great to see it now being seamlessly integrated.

New selection tools, modeling, Bullet rigid bodies and a whole lot more.  The feature list is at the bottom after all the vids.

This release should be available towards the end of September.

Thanks to Chinny for the videos




Selection Tools




Add Smooth Edge Loop Tool



Cap Hole



Extrude Along Normal






Slice Between Two Vertices



Spin Edges



Model Meshes



ICE - Bullet Rigid Body Dynamics



ICE - Sample Scenes



Annotation Object



 Zoom on Cursor




Bullet list of features as of Siggraph

I think this is the full list for the release.  There might be some minor tweaks or additions, but if it is not listed here it is not in the release.



  • Quick Loop – double-click or shift+double-click on an edge, point, or polygon to define a loop or range.
  • Double-click on a polygon to select the polygon island
  • Polygon Selection to Outline - converts the selection to edges surrounding the polygons
  • Loops from Selection – creates loops (not rings) from existing selection
  • Loop from Selection (around corners) - this can be used to easily select Border Edges for example
  • Grow Loops
  • Shrink Loops
  • Island from Selection – selects all the components in the island
  • Selection Preferences now exposed in the MCP>Selection menu


  • Apply Thickness
    • With bevel options
  • Cap Hole
  • Extrude Along Normal
  • Add Smooth Edge Loop Tool (uses the tool SDK)
    • This interactive tool adds edges while continuing the contoured shape of the object
    • Move edges while adding
    • Use MMB for 50% insertion
  • Spin Edges
  • Apply Slice Between Two Vertices


  • Zoom on cursor (Prefs>Tools>Camera)
    • For all 3D and 2D views
    • Includes Scroll Wheel preference


  • Bullet Physics
    • New “Simulate Bullet Rigid Bodies” node (now the default in the ICE module)
    • Same options as Simulate Rigid Bodies Node with added option to collide using exact shape of obstacle.
    • Support for “cone” native shape
    • Instance Shape node now support Convex Hull (Bullet only)
  • Rigid Bodies
    • Supports sub-frame sampling (PhysX and Bullet)
    • Faster simulation when using constant reference shapes
  • PPG logic
    • RMB>Compound Properties>PPG Logic
    • OnInit and value changes can be trapped inside compounds with PPG logic script
    • Only available for non-private compounds
  • Add Group section
    • Inside compound - RMB on exposed input port name>properties. You can specify a group name instead of adding in XML file
  • Compounds
    • Create Extrusion Along Strands.2.0
    • Deform Strand Extrsuion (together these can make for fast simulated hairs)
    • Cap Hole
    • Apply Thickness
    • Apply Slice Between Two Vertices


Model Meshes

  • Human male, car, T. rex, bull, fish, lizard, horse
    • These come we predefined UVs


ICE Modeling Sample Scenes

  • Modeling Building Grids
  • Modeling Cylinder
  • Modeling Materials
  • Modeling Simple Copy Merge
  • Modeling Texture Projection


  • Viewport Autokey Border
    • When turning on Autokey there is now more visible feedback. The active viewport shows a color – which can be changed in
    • Prefs>Animation to turn on/off or change color
  • Ability to include animation layers when creating mixer clips
  • New option for non-normalized weight painting

Scene Management

  • Annotation objects
    • Get>Annotation creates a null like object which shows a speech bubble in the viewport
  • Get/Set memo cams access in the SDK


  • RTS - Added support for automatic RTS shader updates


  • Prefs>Tools>Snapping - New preference to control display of snap targets


  • Integrated new drop of FBX SDK


  • Selection:
    • Rectangle raycast respects XRay settings etc.
    • Raycast backfacing enabled by default (fixed issues with accidentally selecting backfaces on silhouette edges)
  • ICE:
    • Default value for GetTopology changed to "No Transform"




Posted 9 August 2011 1:22 pm

no change for frame buffer ((


Posted 9 August 2011 2:32 pm

cool, polyboost in a nodal interface


Posted 9 August 2011 3:11 pm

really awesome job!!! great!


Posted 9 August 2011 3:50 pm

Great work on modeling features.


Posted 9 August 2011 9:17 pm

Some well thought changes. I predict rains of lizards and flocks of fishies galore.


Posted 9 August 2011 9:17 pm

Some well thought changes. I predict rains of lizards and flocks of fishies galore.


Posted 10 August 2011 1:43 am



Posted 10 August 2011 12:51 pm

The Smooth Edge Loop Tool is awesome!


Posted 11 August 2011 12:40 pm

PTEX support within metalray is overdue, when?
but some very nice additions which should have been added years ago.
The new models with uv already setup will save a bit of time. Cap hole will be great for correcting photosculpt objs.
Add thickness and extrude along normal are well overdue and essential additions. ICE sample scenes, nice.
Keep up the good work.


Posted 11 August 2011 7:27 pm

realy cool stuf


Posted 12 August 2011 4:27 am

Where is Softimage in the Demo Presentations? I didn't see anything.


Posted 12 August 2011 4:30 am

I mean online at the Area webpage. Nothing there that I can find.

the area

Posted 12 August 2011 4:56 pm

@ ctedin1 we are working to update the inHouse section with Siggraph videos and presentations, will post link here once they're available. Thanks for your patience.


Posted 12 August 2011 7:48 pm

Okay, thanks. I was getting some real "Mark S" withdrawals. Starting to shake a bit. Maybe too much cheap coffee here at our breakroom. I'll alert the Softimage List of your impending return.


Posted 13 August 2011 12:18 pm

lots of the modeling stuff is available in 3ds max since years . especially cap holes is available since 15 years as fas as i know .


Posted 16 August 2011 1:41 pm

"lots of the modeling stuff is available in 3ds max since years . especially cap holes is available since 15 years as fas as i know ."

render passes has been available in SI for years, as far as I know.
don't wan't to sound agressive, just saying that there is always going to be stuff missing in all packages, and we all get excited when this limitations are overcome.


Posted 16 August 2011 5:45 pm

Lots of love for modellers!!!

@maxer People have been asking for these modeling tools since forever, so I dont know why are you complaining.

Now if we can have the elusive measure tool by 2012, the world would be perfect.


Posted 16 August 2011 5:45 pm

Lots of love for modellers!!!

@maxer People have been asking for these modeling tools since forever, so I dont know why are you complaining.

Now if we can have the elusive measure tool by 2012, the world would be perfect.


Posted 19 August 2011 11:29 am

Good news for Softimage is that, Autodesk focusing on modeling which Softimage needed, Thanks to Autodesk.


Posted 20 August 2011 11:47 am

Great! I was hoping to find just these new selection|modeling tools too in the next version of XSI! Also i hope to find iRay implementation too and maybe FxTree improvements with ICE integration...
In all the cases, Thank You very much to Softimage Team.


Posted 20 August 2011 11:55 am

PS: sorry if i'm verbose but i'ld suggest some new further improvements in XSI modeling area, if they could be possible, like sculpt tool, bevel profiles and falloff translations utility (like Modo)... Thanks.


Posted 25 August 2011 11:21 am

It is not acceptable. I was expecting more of the New soft image 2012.5
.Sorry :-(

The following section should Update Plz
1- ICE Version 2 (So I think)
2-Syfelx ICE > Is strong
3- Mommento 3 Add Softimage
4-Softimage Fluid For example Fluid Maya And Fume FX



Memag Neman

Posted 29 August 2011 12:30 pm

Great to see modeling updates!
Hope you continue to polish it in future updates.

Some medication is in order, judging by past comments.


Posted 5 September 2011 2:21 pm

Silo created this workflow 4 years ago or more. Glad to see it's finally incorporated in Soft and Maya type workflows.


Posted 5 September 2011 2:26 pm

Meant to say Silo created these Selection Tool shortcuts and workflows 4-5 years ago. They got rave reviews from CGChannel. I stopped using Maya for modeling for awhile. Silo is like Chrome (fast light) to Maya being IE (heavy, cludgy). But I've always had respect for Softimage. Glad to see they're incorporating these now pretty "standard" workflows.

I agreee with Polygonbutcher, Autodesk seems to have too many toys to devote the love and care and intelectual power these apps had when they were some one elses' only baby.


Posted 11 September 2011 1:42 am

I love the "Add Smooth Edge Loop Tool", "Extrude Along Normal" and the Fish. Heh heh. Nice updates guys. Also the option to select a Polygon Island by double clicking on a polygon was what I was wishing for. This is awesome.

What's wrong with Polygonbutcher. Instead of hunting around for plugins now most of them are integrated within Softimage. That's good news, stop crying.


Posted 11 September 2011 8:08 am

Olá Pessoal, estou muito decepcionado com a Autodesk, acho que todas essas atualizações deveriam ser guardadas para quando realmente vocês tivessem um update decente.
Eu amo o Softimage, mas estou com medo do futuro do software, tudo leva a crer que terei que usar um outro programa como o Houdino ou Blender.



Posted 11 September 2011 9:46 am

some overdue modelling and selection tools and Zoom on Cursor? really?

no viewport updates?
no renderer updates?
no improved hardware support?
no soft body updates (have you tried syflex lately; gravity 0,0.00025,0 WTH???)?

and a release update on a blog?

Not sure what you're all getting excited about, looks pretty underwhelming, ie; xsi is for ICE and games.

that RBD example was a joke too, not sure what was meant to be impressive about it at all..

softimahe 2013 very bad Update .... I'Sorry


Posted 11 September 2011 5:48 pm

Viewport 2.0! yes!, even right now ICE have that power! only ICE, with more autodesk "research" viewport 2.0 can be put it ON.

ALL FUCKING MAX OVBIOUS MODELING TOOLS, yes! Im talking about the interactive tools on the fly, you want to extude? just click and the same time you can see, not with fuking panels, that was an OLD way now modeling tools can be more interactive way!.

not to spoil THE AWESOME! XSI CORE VIEWPORT! YESS! please autodesk dont!, I know you maybe are thinking to make viewport 2.0 or another VIEWPORT implements but that will be great without all the bugs in MAX when you have heavy mesh, and yes Im talking about when you load an big mesh in XSI, all just runs GREAT not lagging or freezing when you try to ROTATE your fucking screen, for example in MAX that happen in ANY version ANY!, you need to click in the button right part of the screen "rotate" to dont see the STUPID because is AN AWESOME STUPID bug, so xsi is awesome in his INTERNAL CORE, very powerfull, I hope dont see a lot of decreasing performance in 2013 or 2020 because autodesk just add some buttons or some Themes.

hey autodesk, talking you know about all in general, we all know you like to buy companies, we all know you are the Umbrella of 3D, and monopolize very well the industry, and you have no competition, why dont buy Arnold? lol, we all know the dark destiny of MentalRay, or maybe Im wrong? maybe yes but XSI NEEDS investment for ENGINES, Vray, Arnold, they were beta since man walked on the moon, we all wonder when a SERIOUS ENGINE will be released for XSI, AND! I say this with respect for 3delight, of course is an awesome renderman compilation BUTT!, the integration with softimage still with a lot of bugs, you know I cant belive XSI with arnold damn that will be the MOST awesome 3D Aplication ever, ICE, XSI CORE, ARNOLD.....a dangerous MIX, I know your engeniers are too much busy with SCALIBUR and that will be relesed maybe when Diablo 5 comes up, or Final fantasy 20, but we need TRUE UPDATES, we dont know, BUY Luxology lol, put that awesome render engine inside XSI while Arnold says "I will back" or maybe "hasta la vista baby" because with the leak of the Arnold beta, now we dont know when this awesome engine will be released, or if just will be next governor.

so dont waste your time making videos of this kind of UPDATES, students of ICE can make all this "updates" with they skills and they are awesome! Im just saying if you are a serious company, make seroius softwares!.

the future?

XSI-ICE-ARNOLD, in a paralel WORLD but we hope becomes REAL.

PS: sorry for all the shit I say and my bad english, but the world and life its not only MONEY!, make your softwares WITH PASSION! no with your unlimited credit cards. Remember which is about this industry ART!, not monopoly.

ps2: and yes Umbrella is a better name, buy it!, LOL. have a good day!

ps3: my kidneys are for sale too.


Posted 12 September 2011 6:04 am

اينعم تحديثات جيدة في المودلنج ولكن الاهم لاخراج حتى الان الاخراج في برنامج المايا اسرع بكثير من السوفت اميج مع ان المايا المنتل راي فيه بلجن اما السوفت اميج المنتل راي فيه اساسي

عاوزين تعديلات حقيقية مش هزار في هزار

فين التطور ولية دائما بتدورا على النقود مش على الابداع


Posted 13 September 2011 10:50 am

Tzu, unless I havent understand you, if you want to Extrude, just select any polygon and then click ctrl+D


Posted 17 September 2011 1:21 pm

and there is none comment from Mark. seems to me he's something like a robot posting in this blog new topics. that's sad.

Mark Schoennagel

Posted 2 October 2011 11:39 pm

Hi everyone,
Just getting home from almost a month of being on the road. Half of it was for work and the other half for fun. Actually since Siggraph I think I've been home only about two whole weeks. There's been actually quite a lot going on with Softimage customers so i've been busy!
Before I went on vacation I was going to address the people who thought they would get more attention with their comments by dropping F bombs but I figure we were all mature enough to stop, guess I was wrong. Sorry some of you aren't happy with the last release, or the direction of the this feature or that, or what you think of Autodesk, or whatever your complaint is but please, keep it clean and stop trying to start flame wars. I dont believe in censorship but I also dont believe people need to post profanity laced tirades to get a point across. With that in mind any comments with offensive language will be deleted. Sorry but there is no need for it.
As far as all the complaining, really guys? It's a service release. Its mostly designed for bug fixes and few gift features for customers under subscription. It's a .5!! I mean really?? All this over a .5 release? 2013 is already far along in development and trust me there are some really sweet innovation coming so relax its just a few months away.
There's some good stuff going on right now so I'll be writing a post soon. I've got some Smoke on a Mac training to do in the Venice office this week but I'll find some time.

Please keep it clean going forward ok?



Posted 4 November 2011 11:58 am

To everyone who really wants the modeling tools that are in Max... I'm with you there. I am sure they are coming in Soft, but as a 15 year max user (I still have version 2009 that I use on and off) I find myself opening Max up less and less. I have naturally grown into a Softimage user, even though I know the tools in Max much much more. I do miss some of the modeling tools (graphite specifically), but frankly, those things are a dime a dozen. Available in many cheap or free software packages. The really awesome features that Soft provides with ICE especially, and with all the other developments by Thiago, Eric, Helge and Holger, Solidangle, et al show what an amazing creative platform Softimage is, and how flexible it can be to develop your own tools. If you don't value it, please use another program to model with. I don't mean that to be flippant or anything either. I use Max quite often for basic modeling. They are out there, and are getting very good. In the meantime, just wait patiently until they are developed properly and integrated fully. This careful methodical development is why I pay for tools like Soft. I need them to work almost 100 percent of the time, and work nicely with the other packages in Autodesk's arsenal. Just my two cents. Nice to hear from you again, Mark. I missed your voice. We're really showing off some of the latest tools at Tribeca|Flashpoint Academy in Chicago. Converting a lot of Softimage users over (in part) from Maya, the few that weren't fully convinced yet. (Lots of them use both very easily).I hope to have some nice things to show from my students soon.


Posted 20 December 2011 9:55 am

Boy, it's been quiet on this site. Come back Mark! :-) Anyway, just updated my subscription (best money I spend every year) and got the new SAP. I'm officially addicted to the new modeling tools. I'm definitely going to be using 3ds Max less and less. (Don't tell the guys on that site.) I already have Momentum 3.0, so I don't need bullet physics, but it's nice and quick to set up, so I'd probably use it before Momentum for rigid body stuff anyway. Nice speed increase. Integrates beautifully into ICE. Very direct and quick to set up. Can't wait for the new version.

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