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Posted by Mark Schoennagel, 11 January 2011 4:00 pm

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a great holiday season and rocked in the New Year with some serious fun! ...I was on an airplane unfortunately heading to a demo at the stroke midnight.  I did get a free plastic cup of champagne and a horrible 737 PA system rendition of Auld Lang Syne courteously of United Airlines so it wasn't a total bust. :)

Kicking off the new year was some seriously good news from regarding their annual "CGRetrospective!" Our beloved Softimage ended up at number five on the list, narrowly beating out our cousin Maya which came in at number six... Now that I think about it, maybe red-headed stepchild instead of cousin? lol Jusssst kidding! Great news though with CG Society sending props to Autodesk for giving us a nice new home contrary to what a lot of the industry thought would happen to Softimage.

Much sweeter then number five though is what came in at number one. Of all the events in the CG industry for 2010, the biggest accomplishment in their opinion was Thiago Costa's Lagoa! I know we've praised his work up and down and drooled at his video but what a phenomenal accomplishment by an individual. In fact, Thiago's ICE created technology beat out Toy Story 3 and Inception for the top spot. It's a pretty amazing feat when you think of the manpower used to create those films and the other technologies Lagoa beat out. Hats off again to Thiago, we can't wait to see what you're working on next!!

I also just read a very favorable quick review of Softimage 2011 in Animation Magazine by Todd Sheridan Perry. While it points out that perhaps Softimage is the red-headed stepchild to Max and Maya, he explains the reasons why and writes a strong 2011 release while also reviewing Max and Maya. I don't have a link to the online version of the review but you can see it in print this month.

On the training side, Wednesday, January 19th There will be a Softimage / Maya Interop Webcast you can all check out.  Lee Fraser and myself will be taking you through the new One-Click ICE Flow workflow for getting ICE effects back and forth between the two products. If your're a Maya user and are interested in getting some cool Softimage Lagoa simulations back into Maya you won't want to miss it! You can sign-up for the webinar here:

Lastly, I'm really excited to get home in a couple weeks and record that Lagoa training video I promised. I wasn't expecting my entire January to be on the road so I got a little behind. I'll be showing a bit of the beta for the Arnold renderer that is coming for Softimage as well. It's seriously one of the most wicked things I've seen in a while! (I might even throw a little tease at the end of my Webinar) :) Look for that around the beginning of February.
Alright well that's it for now. Make sure to check out the webinar next week!


PS, Pretty awesome thumbnail work on my part eh?  Thats two blue ribbons with bad perspective, TWO!





Posted 12 January 2011 7:21 pm

Really nice to see the apocalipitcal predictions were wrong!
Great to see AD is taking care of SI better than anyone could imagine

And congrats to Thiago, there were so many great contenders in this list, and he still managed to put himself at the top!


Posted 13 January 2011 12:53 am

Its just the start, Softimage is really an awesome and more rich 3D package than most of other packages on the market.
It'll get time but people are already realizing day after day what piece of jewel it is.

Keep rocking guys!!


Posted 13 January 2011 12:22 pm

Softimage = Awesome. Can't say more than that. Never again touched Max and Maya after using Softimage. It is the most complete 3D package of them all. Long live Softimage.

Autodesk thanks for taking care of our beloved Softimage.

Yahoo! I voted for Thiago.


Posted 13 January 2011 1:19 pm

Arnold, Lagoa, ICE ...can somebody say game changer! Now what's Phil Taylor up to with Motion Mechanic? New ICE based CAT possibly? I'd love to hear an interview with him. Didn't you say you did an interview with him over a beer sometime back?

Mark Schoennagel

Posted 13 January 2011 5:52 pm

Big grin, yeah Softimage is Awesome and it will live a long glorious life. Its just hitting its sweet spot if you ask me!

As for the video with Phil, I mentioned what happened to it in a couple comment replies sorry if you missed it but I had to toss it. While the idea of getting out of the office and into a pub sounded like a good idea it turned out to be a disaster. There was so much noise that once I watched it I realized there was almost nothing there that was usable to edit. Just loud clanking and banging. Sorry!!

Sitting with my Max colleague at the moment watching Arnold render some Lagoa effects. Guys, its friggin nuts!! you draw a render region and just about instantly its there...4 million spheres!?!? crazy I tell ya!! Cant wait to share!

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