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CoCreateInstance () Failed

Posted by MaxStation, 27 January 2012 12:00 am

 When opening max files you get CoCreateInstance () Failed error message.


From Start Menu do a search for CMD  

Do a Right click on cmd.exe and run as Administrator


Go to your 3ds max install folder: cd "C:Program FilesAutodesk3ds Max 2012"

First Unregister :  regsvr32 /u MAXComponents.dll

While unregistering you may get an error message that the dll could not be unregistered, you can safely ignore this message.

Secondly Re-register: regsvr32 MAXComponents.dll

If registered sucessfully you will see this screen 




Posted 18 April 2012 7:21 am

Brilliant - life saver - many thanks.


Posted 24 April 2012 8:41 am

Simply running Max as Administrator (right-click on max and select run as Admin) then applying skin to an object will fix this bug.


Posted 27 June 2012 7:54 pm

Worked for me. Thank you very much!


Posted 6 December 2012 12:18 am

This still worked for me ... w/ max 2012 PU12


Posted 9 January 2013 9:53 am

I doubt any other 3d package face such problems..


Posted 14 March 2014 5:04 pm

What if you dont have the cmd.exe file, how do i fix this problem then? Also i running 3ds max 2014.


Posted 30 July 2014 7:19 am

mine does not work please help


Posted 15 November 2014 6:25 pm

For those who get error messages when trying (not the one that was mentioned above), try using 'regsvr32.exe' instead of just 'regsvr32'

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