Changing the application language in 3ds Max 2013

Posted by MaxStation, 17 April 2012 1:00 am

During the installation of 3ds Max you've selected a language other than English but notice that the application language is still English. That's correct, you can't set the language during the installation instead you can set it once 3ds Max is installed. The same applies to 3ds Max Design.


With the 2013 release of 3ds Max the way languages are handled is very different: there is only one version of 3ds Max and that includes all languages. Please note that that only applies on Windows 7, if you use Windows XP 3ds Max 2013 will be in English only (that's documented in the Installation FAQ).


During the install you can change the language of the installer:



And you need to select the country you're in for the EULA:


Neither of these change the language of the 3ds Max 2013 installation!


Once you've installed 3ds Max the UI will be in English. You can change this from the 'languages' sub-options in the start menu:


Once you change the language this is retained: the next time you start 3ds Max it will use the language you've configured. As mentioned previously this only works on Windows 7, if you're using 3ds Max on Windows XP it is only available in English.


Background info

The shortcuts in the language folder run 3ds Max with an additional command line option: /Language=XXX where XXX is ENU for English, FRA for French, DEU for German, JPN for Japanese, KOR for Korean and CHS for Simplified Chinese.

When you use one of these 'language' options the currently used language is stored in the registry:HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAutodeskdsMax.0CurrentLanguage .

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Posted 8 June 2012 3:13 pm

Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué?
A quoi sert il de renseigner la language et le pays à l'installation si tout fini par être en anglais, et qu'il faut faire une manip alambiquée pour changer la langue ensuite?
Sous Windows XP 64 en particulier...
Merci de nous faire gagner du temps...

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