Resolving "Unable to bind" errors in Backburner

Posted by MaxStation, 14 June 2012 1:34 pm

Some users are running into an issue with Backburner where the Backburner Manager crashes on startup. The error dialog only allows you to close the application.

If you check the log file or the Backburner Manager windows you'll see the following two lines:

INF Unable to bind to 1234:2345:3456::5678:6789,7890

ERR The address isn't valid in this context

The address it tries to bind to is an ipv6 address, if ipv6 isn't properly configured or is disabled that will be the cause of the problem.

Solution 1: completely disable ipv6

This works ... as long as you don't need ipv6. It's probably a bit overkill. Check solution 2 first!

Note that it's not enough to just uncheck ipv6 in the Properties dialog for the Local Area Connection ...

To completely disable ipv6: 

Solution 2: disable the ipv6 to ipv4 tunnel

Much more elegant! To see if this applies to your system run "ipconfig /all" in a cmd shell and check if you have a line with "Tunnel adapter 6TO4 Adapter".

If you do, disable the 6TO4 adapter:

  • in Device Manager use the view menu to show hidden devices (as it's not visible by default),
  • in the Network Adapters section find the 6TO4 adapter,
  • right click on it and select Disable.

Now Backburner manager should start using an ipv4 address.

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Posted 13 November 2013 5:52 am

This saved me, thank you!

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