Unknown error when rendering with Backburner

Posted by MaxStation, 4 March 2014 12:06 pm

One of my machines wouldn't render any Backburner jobs, a small extract from the Backburner Server log shows an unknown error:

INF Registration to accepted

INF Receiving new job from

INF Adapter returned unexpected code -2 for "C:Program FilesAutodesk3ds Max 2014maxadapter.adp.exe" "-o" "ShutDown" "-l" "Info"

ERR Unknown Error

INF Job 'Untitled01' received and ready

INF Launching 'Autodesk 3ds Max 2014 (64-bit)'

INF 3dsmax adapter : Executing command line : C:Program FilesAutodesk3ds Max 20143dsmax.exe "-_pipe:13338756"  -server "C:UsersmaxAppDataLocalbackburnerServerJobUntitled01.max".

INF [ServerMessage]ProcessStarted processId=4480

INF 3dsmax adapter : Autodesk 3dsMax 16.4 is Ready.

WRN Server has not received an update from the Manager and has timed out; assuming the manager is down.

The cause of this was the firewall, to verify if it is the case: temporarily switch the firewall off. The machine now renders the Backburner jobs without any problems.



Posted 5 March 2014 9:20 am

Ok but that does not solves the problems.

In some environments you can't disable the firewall, and in some other you need to work with backburner via internet using some kind of dyndns domain.

what are the backburner ports?

How can we configure multiple computers to communicate to the manager via different ports to route the NAT configuration of the router?

Not just in the manager router, but also in the servers router...

Please answer this because it is a well unknown question and I'm sure being inside where dev's work is not that hard to get that information



Posted 5 March 2014 6:49 pm

We just went through a long process of trying to figure out which ports were being used by backburner. This is what Autodesk will tell you:

By default the user should enable TCP/UDP port 3234 for BB manager and port 3233 for BB Server.

BB manager needs another UDP port open which is 30000 by default.
If 30000 is used by another program, BB manager would try 29999 and continue decreasing by increments of 1 until a valid port is verified or the port equals to 1025.

This is not the whole story. We monitored the network traffic while submitting jobs and saw tcp and udp traffic on random ports from 4500 to 6500. These are the ports we ended up submitting to IT:


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