Hello World! (and Windows Phone 8 Developers)

Posted by mstrassman, 30 October 2012 7:28 pm

I’m excited to have my first blog post on AREA and to use it to discuss Autodesk’s recent efforts around the newly released Windows Phone 8 developer platform. We announced today that Autodesk Scaleform, our widely adopted game development tool, will offer Windows Phone 8 compatibility, with our low-priced Mobile SDK coming soon.


We’re big gamers here at Autodesk and the new features of Windows Phone 8, including seamless Xbox live and SmartGlass integration, have us ready to game on another versatile mobile gaming platform. Developers looking to bring games to the new hardware can count on a familiar workflow and powerful graphical solutions, among other advantages, to create a new generation of games and apps.


The mobile space continues to surprise us daily, and we’re also exited to announce that our newly released iPad game, Starforce Battlement, will be coming to the Windows Phone Store later this year. The game is a testament to what can be accomplished with our mobile solutions, with its engrossing intergalactic tower defense experience. The epic planetary battles will take full advantage of the Windows hardware capabilities. To check out the game in action, you can visit our YouTube channel: http://autode.sk/TAOI4E.


The unique and collaborative community on AREA is another reason to celebrate. From the community’s thriving forum discussions, tips and tricks and everything in between, the new development community will have all the tools available to bring the next exciting mobile experience to gamers.


This is one of the many mobile initiatives we hope to announce this year. Keep an eye on AREA and our social media channels for the latest news.

Mark Strassman
VP, Media & Entertainment
Strategy and Marketing



Posted 8 November 2012 7:22 pm

Hey Mark, Thanks for your post - great job on the W8 platform support!

Some developers including myself are stuck on how to integrate native libraries into Scaleform Mobile, I've asked numerous of times and others did too for a little documentation about this but all we get back is "it's easy if you know C++" which doesn't really help at all. Could you/your team focus on this? Scaleform Mobile is quite useless if it doesn't properly support native extensions like ads, gyroscope, in-app purchases, android licensing, push messages etc.


Posted 8 November 2012 9:36 pm

Hi Kenney,

Alot of the things you mention, we hope to include in the SDK eventually. Unfortunately, at present, due to manpower and other priorities, we haven't been able to include them yet. This means that the only option (until we add support for these ourselves) is for you to incorporate them yourself by modifying the Scaleform player's C++, which it certainly an option. We understand this isn't something that appeals to all mobile developers out there. However, we still believe Scaleform provides a great deal of value, despite not having these extensions built in "out of the box". Scaleform will continue to mature over the coming months.


Posted 8 November 2012 10:05 pm

I understand that there needs to be a pass through using Scaleform player's C++, but could there be documentation how to do this? To my understanding it should just be a couple of lines to create a pass through function.

The only thing I want is a little documentation or even a sample function of like 5 lines of C++ code. Instead we keep getting told "it's easy to do" and that's about it.

Recently I made a game for Android for a client, at the last minute he requested ads to be in the game. I had to switch the whole project over to Adobe AIR just because of this issue which seems to be so easy to solve, alas nobody can explain it.


Posted 28 March 2013 5:28 am

Does that also mean windows RT compatibility?

Also, is Scaleform now ready to be as extendible and flexible a mobile game engine needs to be? i.e. i read Kenney's comment here which is not very good.

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