Project Geppetto

Posted by Rodrigo Assaf, 13 July 2012 8:31 pm

Download the New Version of Project Geppetto for 3DS Max / 3DS Max Design 2013

Project Geppetto is a research project that explores making it easy, fast and fun to add crowds to 3ds Max scenes. Project Geppetto is a data-driven animation system that offers high level control of plausible human animation. The free* technology preview of Project Geppetto now includes the Evolver character generation technology.

Architects, engineers, and designers can use Project Geppetto to enrich the context of their presentations with realistic human activity. Project Geppetto comes with a set of animations and characters for use in common public settings like sidewalks, hallways, lobbies and plazas. Project Geppetto is the first crowd technology to offer both ease of use and high quality results.

Project Geppetto assembles all the components you'd need to create, manage and control large crowds of characters. Our research goal is to solve three big problems:

  1. Creating believable motion easily
  2. Creating the look of any kind of human population or demographic and allowing for cultural influences
  3. Creating an efficient framework for interacting with tens of thousands of such characters


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