maxTD, 26 Nov 2015 23:12:06 UTCMoving on...ToonmanMon, 21 Jan 2013 01:00:09 UTC Vlog 2: Contact Reports in MassFXToonman<p></p>Sun, 10 Jun 2012 16:20:41 UTC lives on VimeoToonman<p>Hello everyone! Well, I must say I'm pretty surprised at the response my first video got. Since I do have plans to continue to update stuff as often as I can, and since there seems to be a lot of interest here, I have decided to open an official maxTD channel in Vimeo. I presonally prefer it to You Tube, and it will allow users of the graphics community that dwell over there to interact with the content in an efficient way.</p> <p>Of course, I will continue to post here. All the videos posted here will be linked from Vimeo, but The AREA will remain my primary point of contact.</p> <p>So, all this being said, here's the link to the maxTD channel. I hope you enjoy it, and I'll keep you posted on new videos coming up! (If anyone has any ideas of something you'd like to see, shoot 'em over here!)</p> <p>Cheers!</p> <p><a target="_blank" title="maxTD on Vimeo" href=""></a></p>Wed, 23 May 2012 19:09:52 UTC Vlog 1: Image-Based Force Fields in MassFXToonman<p></p>Fri, 18 May 2012 01:47:54 UTC, reborn!Toonman<p>Hello everyone. I'm pretty excited to welcome you back to &quot;maxTD&quot;... or at least, something similar to it. Some people may remember the aforementioned website, which I used to publish some tutorials dealing with technical issues encountered in 3D production... mainly around character rigging, scripting, etc. Due to time constraints, it was very difficult for me to find the time to continue updating the website, and as a result, it died a quiet and peaceful death a couple of years ago.</p> <p>Well, fortunately, the stars have aligned and I have found that The Area may be the perfect vehicle to revive maxTD (not as a website anymore, but as a... well, blog, in this case!). I hope to be able to do a better job at updating this blog. I will be, again, focusing on showing techniques to solve technical issues found in 3D production, although I might also post the occasional nugget of general 3D-related information.</p> <p>This blog focuses on 3ds Max as the tool chosen for 3D, although given the nature of modern pipelines, I might sometimes involve additional applications wherever relevant.</p> <p>I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I will enjoy using it as a vehicle to help push the boundaries of the impossible. Rock on!!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>Fri, 04 May 2012 12:26:18 UTC