EUE 2011 - Get there!

Posted by Shane Griffith, 25 May 2011 7:14 pm

This is a must-go event for you 3ds Max lovers out there! If you’re in Europe then you really don’t have any excuse not to go. Just the food and drinks alone are worth the price of admission and add to that the world class talent that’s going to be there presenting… you’d be a fool not to attend.

If you don’t know what EUE is all about, it’s a serious learning and networking event for people working in the 3D visualization, Games, Motion Graphics, and VFX industries. Classes are condensed into a two day mind melting experience with plenty of time to chat with the top talent in the biz. Add to that the beautiful Holland summertime and the nostalgic Florin pub and EUE easily makes my top 5 most favorite events to attend. Go to to get more information about the event, program and registration. Note, the classes are NOT recorded or streamed live anywhere. This is more or less a not for profit event that graciously hosts each year and you MUST be there in person to take in all the vast knowledge.

Oh and, if you do make it to EUE be sure to sign up for the super secrete NDA only session that yours truely will be hosting! You’ll get a chance to hear about some cool Animation, Rendering and Data Exchange research we’ve been working on. Our friends at will contact you if you express interest in the NDA-only session or to schedule some 1 on 1's with the Autodesk team (time permitting).

Still not convinced?! Just read below about the presenters that will be there:





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