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Posted by Shane Griffith, 22 June 2010 7:00 pm lables 3ds Max 2011 as "the best Max version yet"!

Kelly L. Murdock, author of the 3ds Max Bible and several other titles, has taken a deep dive into the 3ds Max 2011 from a Game Developer's perspective. Kelly reviews sevral of teh major features with CAT, Quicksilver, and Slate Material Editor being the highlights.



Overall, I've found that between the Slate Material Editor and the Quicksilver Hardware Renderer, that you can save a ton of time and work faster than ever before. If you're working with characters, then CAT will increase the savings even more. And, if you're only looking at the cost of the software, then the inclusion of Composite is more than enough to justify the cost of the upgrade.



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Shane Griffith

Posted 23 June 2010 3:02 pm

Nir perhaps you missed this one also

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